Chapter 2106 The party pooper

Daryl crashes Jane's pregnancy mini-party to complain about his marital problems.

"You are very happy and satisfied that you ruined my wife's life, huh?" Daryl walks into Octavio's office, "Now she's obsessed with wanting to get pregnant just to spite you two!"

Octavio and Jane look at each other and understand what Daryl meant.

Jane begins, "Daryl, when we showed up at the restaurant yesterday, we didn't want to upset Diane. We didn't even know you two were having issues—"

Lorraine interrupts the conversation, "Excuse me, I don't think we deserve to be here to witness this intimate conversation between couples."

Daryl turns to her, glaring at her, "Then turn on your heels and get out of here!"

Jane takes offense, "Daryl, watch out! She's the wife of Sergeant Moraes, of the Lagoon City P.D.!"

"Just because she's a cop's wife, does she have to boss everyone around here?" Daryl exclaims.

Octavio shakes his head in contempt,

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