The CEO'S syndrome

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The CEO'S syndrome

By: Tonyemiriam OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Benjamin Joseph is a product of adultery. His mother had an affair before she conceived him. He has an ugly past; he saw a scene that ruined his mental health. Due to his past, he develops Othello Syndrome and only sleeps with women with certain physical features; green eyes and an hourglass figure- just like a certain woman. He meets Angela Davis, an entertainment reporter, who was humiliated by her ex at a party. "If he thinks he's found someone better, find someone better as well", he advised her that night as she wept heartbroken. They cross paths again and fall deeply in love with one another. Will she leave Joseph just like everybody does? Or will she help him get better? Will Joseph learn to trust and respect her love for him?

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Joseph raised his hand to knock on the gate only for the gate to move effortlessly.Who had left the gate unlocked?He wondered as he opened the gate wider and walked into his house.Ever since things became tough for his father financially, he could no longer take a bus to school but trekked home from school. It is not a really far distance so he did not see anything wrong in walking after school.He loves his father very much and he is willing to understand his situation.He remembered when his father walked into his room that fateful afternoon, looking so tired and sweaty all over. On seeing his father, he abandoned his books -littered on the desk and bed- and hugged his father warmly.His father laughed, scattering the young boy's perfectly permed hair. "My boy. How was school today?"Smiling like a 3 year old when he was nearing sixteen, Joseph replied as he sat beside some textbooks opened to different pages on his bed, "Fine. Big man, you are home early, is everything okay?Jo
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CHAPTER ONE: Best friends are always Partners in crime.
Fifteen years later, Joseph put his phone on speaker, placed it on a stool close to the tub and pulled off his underwear as he sank into the warm water. This was one feeling he loved, letting the warmth of the water calm him.Closing his eyes for a second as he listened to his friends speak about their experiences last night.Just like every Friday night, the boys partied. Taking cocaine till they were beyond high, sleeping with countless girls till they had let out all the trauma their families put them through, once they were sober enough, they'd become high again and look for more women to fuck."Mehnnnn, the blondie could not resist a little teasing. Few minutes laters and she fucked the redhead wildly." One of his friends narrated.Chuckling, he responded to his friend, "I told you already. Those bitches would do anything for only two things: Dick and some dollar bills" "True bro. True". His other friend agreed.Grabbing a washcloth, he began to wash himself thoroughly. He had
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CHAPTER TWO: Party! Party!! Party!!! That's what the CEOs does.
The brothers rode to the party in Omar's Porsche 911 sports car and all agreed to meet at the car at exactly 4am to go to their respective houses. After sharing the cocaine they had come to the party and separated with the intention to get as wasted as they could. They approached any lady who just wanted to get wasted as they wanted as well.The party was lit up. The three brothers had enough drinks to leave them high for a whole week but surprisingly, came down from their high barely three hours after drinking to stupor.With the music booming and the LED lights flashing through. Girls are seen grinding their ass hard against men's crotch. Some are seen in groups taking drugs like Amphetamines, cocaine. Joseph moved to the bar, waiting patiently for a lady or ladies- if he was lucky-to approach him.Beating his fingers repeatedly to the music currently being played by the Dj. He ordered a very strong drink and raised his glass to his lips to take a large gulp when he felt a hand on
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CHAPTER THREE: A second time might be a second chance.
Monday was hectic and hot. It was just eleven am, yet Joseph had attended five meetings already. Walking up to his table, he took a sip of his coffee and removed his jacket.Omar came in without knocking, looking handsome as usual in a suit that fitted him like a second skin."Woah, bro what if I was with a woman?", Joseph jested."You don't sleep with women when you are completely sober. And you don't have sexual relationships with your workers", Omar stated proudly. He playfully pushed Joseph and sat on his seat. Joseph laughed and occupied a seat at the other side, reserved for visitors.Omar raises Joseph's cup of coffee and takes a sip but immediately grimaces and asks, "Damn. Bro, ever heard of sugar before? Your drink tastes like something the devil made". Joseph raises an eyebrow and asks, "Why are you here?""I was window shopping and decided to tease you a little bit", Omar jokesJoseph, shaking his head, replied, "Last time I checked, you don't play around during working
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CHAPTER FOUR: Proper birthday dress for a birthday girl
Angela murmured some curses as she struggled to push the heavy doors. The security man was not there, this time to do the pushing.She murmured a few greetings to some workers she's familiar with, as she covered the short distance to the elevator. She pressed the number four and patiently waited for the short ride to end.She got to her apartment and entered her passcode, before cussing again for being so forgetful. She hated the dark. How could she have forgotten to switch on the light in the foyer? Again."Happy birthday!!!", Angela is taken by surprise by the large congregation that squeezed themselves to fit into her little living room.Her house in entirety is not small, she enjoyed the space she called her habitat, even though people had frequently called it a studio to offend her.But it seemed too tiny for the many people in the room. Sophia was at it again. She had invited the whole news station for her birthday.Her best and only friend, Ali Sophia, hails from Nigeria, whose
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CHAPTER FIVE: Mistakes and consequences.
"Were you able to persuade him?", Mr Benjamin asked as he sliced his steak with his knife."Maybe. Maybe not. I cannot tell what that boy thinks in his head", Hilda replied to her husband's question.Mr Benjamin chuckled and wiped his mouth clean before sitting in a more relaxed position."We did this to him. We shouldn't have married so soon. Maybe we rushed things too much", He stated the obvious.Hilda got married to her lover, immediately the divorce procedures with her former husband were concluded. She did not think for a second, the pain her decision inflicted on her poor son."Psst. He is no longer a child. We made decisions that gave him the life he is living today. Tomorrow, he will be making decisions that might be tougher. He has to grow up"Hilda grumbled before taking a sip from her drink. Mr Benjamin looked at his wife in pure amusement. Even though they are fifteen years older now, she still had the same effect on him. With those green eyes that secretly called to him
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CHAPTER SIX: Shopaholic Angie
"Babe, let's go shopping after work." Sophia started with a small smile on her lips as soon as she got to Angela's desk."What for?" Angela raised her head as she questioned. She was taking a short nap as she had nothing else to do for the day."My Auntie is at it again. She has invited me to a party and I want you to come with me as my date", Sophia wrinkled her nose "Come with me"Standing to her full height, Angela soothed her pan trousers with her palm and led the way to the restroom with Sophia following behind.Shutting the door, she entered one of the rooms to ease herself, while her friend busied herself, checking all the stalls for prying ears."Can't you just ditch this one as well?", Angela murmured as she exited the stall and proceeded to wash her hands."I have a strong feeling that my Auntie will cut all my favorite outfits with that shrill voice of hers. But that won't happen because I'm going and you, baby girl is my date". Sophia wore the puppy look on her face and a
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CHAPTER SEVEN: Still inlove?
Jake did not come for a booty call, like she had suspected earlier. He had so much to drink at some bar and came to her house, smelling and looking like a complete mess. He's drunk."Don't stand there like some moron. Help me in", he slurred.How did she miss that? She should have spotted his drunken state over the phone. It would at least prevent her the headache of having to spend the night with a drunk man, under the same roof.As she watched him struggle to balance himself but failed at every attempt, she wondered if she could hurriedly close the door on his face and lock the door. Would she succeed?Or she could throw some hate speech at him and watch him leave in denial. And she had every right to make him feel hurt. This guy meant the whole world to her, before he broke her heart a million times. She loved him with all her might but he saw her as a tool and got rid of her, when he found the tool unneeded."Very well. You can stay mute as long as I will be here", overenunciatin
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CHAPTER EIGHT: Voice like soft as summer rain.
"You have been sour all day. What is it?", Omar asked Fyodor with a smile warming his features.Fyodor groaned as he harshly pulled his tie loose, he had a rough day, to top it all, he got a call from his father."My father has invited me to some party, now of all times. There's no time to socialize, the company is preparing for its annual inspection! God forbid those heartless prosecutors find a problem with our services". The other men laughed as they watched Fyodor lament like an overgrown baby."What party?", Omar asked grinning.He had a feeling he knew the exact party Fyodor was talking about."The Duncans. Do you know the most annoying part? My whole family would be attending. Including Ivan. I would definitely be grizzled before the end of the day!"The other two gave each other a knowing look and made sport of Fyodor. Omar covered the short distance to his fridge and threw a bottle of beer for his friends."We are invited too", They said in uniform.Fyodor exhaled in relief
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CHAPTER NINE: Mr CEO who works in the kitchen.
Fyodor disgruntled as the blaring sound of his bedside alarm filled his ears. He had set his alarm to wake him up in time to catch his flight at exactly 6am.He had a meeting to attend at 9am and could not afford to be late.Just like every other Friday, the trio had partied away and left for their respective homes in the wee hours.He rolled to the other end of the bed and wore his slippers before noisily walking to the bathroom to get ready.He looked back at his image in the mirror. He needed more sleep. He looked like a ghost, with red puffy eyes and dark circles underneath them.He snorted as he lined the bristle of his toothbrush with toothpaste and raised his head up to fill his mouth with the brush."Jesus christ!"His mother laughed at her son's shocked expression as she stood behind him and made more scary faces."Mother, you scared me!""Sorry scaredy baby", she laughed again.Fyodor smiled and began to brush his teeth. He was whiling away time he didn't have. After washin
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