Chapter 2108 Melissa Assumed the Deceit

Josias was anxiously waiting for Melissa to try to confess his love one more time, but William went ahead.

"Is this brandy for me?" William walks over to the drinks table, "Looks like your efficient secretary let you know I was here."

"No, she didn't warn me." Josias responds, "Will, I'm expecting someone else."

"OK, I just came to let you know that I caught a nasty fight in Octavio Motta's office." William doesn't think to withdraw, "Did you know he and Jane are expecting a child?"

"No, I didn't know, but I'm glad for them." Josias smiles eagerly.

"It was Daryl Mountain who was doing the ruckus. Lorraine Moraes sent him away before she could call her husband."

Pollyanna reappears, "Mr. Rocha— oh, Mr. Campos..."

"Hello, Pollyanna! Thank you so much for letting me in. Did the other person arrive too?"

Josias shoots her a warning look and Pollyanna gets the message, "Yes, but I'll keep her waiting in the lounge."


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