Chapter 2138 Wrong Address?

In Josias's office, Gabriela and Cláudio finally want to know what the president of the company has to say.

“Now I'm curious.” Claudio accepts the drink.

“Here’s the thing, folks.” Josias sits in the armchair, “Why did you decide to ruin Melissa's farewell party?”

Gabriela smirks, “Isn't she Mrs. Mountain? Why do you still call her ‘Melissa’? Oh, God, Josias, don't tell me you still have feelings for her! So that's why you kidnapped us?”

Josias puts his hand to his forehead and shakes his head, “Mr. Bento exaggerated. It wasn't meant to drag you against your will. Anyway, you only asked and didn’t answer my question, Gabriela.”

“I thought I was still involved with the Mountain family as their friend.” Gabriela responds uncomfortably, “But I found out the worst possible way that I was fired. Melissa tried to dump me from the party and I could

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