Andre Spencer: The Rise Of The Useless Son-In-Law

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Andre Spencer: The Rise Of The Useless Son-In-Law

By: Mystic light OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Andre Spencer was married twice as a useless Son-in-law, was sent to prison after being implicated, and his family existence was wiped out of the world. His mother reported him to the authorities for stalking her, was detained and bullied. Now, he's wealthy, a renowed physician, a dragon Lord, and an amazing Son-in-law whose new identity would shock the entire world.

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Kicked out of the house
M# Chapter 1 “Young master, madam had no choice but to abandon you back then. She had her reasons for doing such.” There was silence. “Young master, as at the time madam left you behind, her life and yours were at stake. If she hadn’t taken such a drastic decision, neither of you would have been alive today.” “Madam had no choice but to marry into the Lannister’s family to live to fight another day. Now, madam has successfully gained control of the business world, owning a billion assets, the government gave her the monopoly right to control building cement. She’s the only manufacturer of building cement in the United States of America.” “She knew everything was her fault, she realized her mistake and so wanted to have a face time with you. Everything she has is being transferred to you.” The stranger's persistent voice continues to ring through the air. Despite the consistent pleading, Andre Spencer continued with what he was doing. He was taking out a message from the dispatch
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I'm innocent!
2Chapter 2Chapter 2It was no other than Willow Smith, Yvonne’s ex-boyfriend. Rage swelled in Andre’s veins as he watched them engage in adult play.“What’s he doing here?” Andre bellowed.“Are you valued to know what I’m doing here, cur?” Willow replied, a smirk settling on his facial features.Yvonne pulled away from Willow’s arms and pointed her fingers in the air. “Relax Smith, let me handle him,” Yvonne said to pacify Smith’s displeasure.She was afraid Andre might irate him through his words and actions. She started from Smith to Andre with a cold and distant expression,Back then when she was still unmarried, she was beautiful and had thought that she would end up with a wealthy man.Barely getting married to Andre, she lost everything, her reputation, and her position in the family’s business were dropped to the position of a mere assistant marketing manager. She couldn’t even afford expensive bags and jewelry.Other people’s husbands were elite executives in their companies
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Kick her out!
Chapter 3Chapter 3 Chapter 3Andre was denied the luxury to express and defend himself. He was dragged against his wish into the vehicles and was driven off to the detention center.The detention center was mainly for those who were waiting for sentencing and would be transferred to prison.He was locked up in the sections where hardened and dangerous criminals were locked.Barely sighting Andre, smug and snorting expressions crawled up their face. ‘ vulnerable prey.’ They muttered and cursed.They knew Andre wouldn’t last in the cell he was in, who knows he might even die tonight. At the end of the cell, a thug was sighted taking out a kitchen knife.*****Back at the sparrow’s villaThe sparrow’s family mansion was illuminated with a fluorescent light that shone from the hanging chandelier. There was an ongoing celebration, today was the 80th birthday of the Sparrow’s patriarch, and not only members of the Sparrow’s family were present but also many distinguished guests.Yvonne
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Chapter 4Back in the prison Andre quietly found a spot to sit down. He ignored the persistent tantrums of the prisoners which was being thrown at him.Not long after he was settled, the bell rang which signified dinner. The inmates all rushed out leaving behind, Andre, an old man, and a monstrous-looking thug.Andre sensed a foul in the air but went out of the cell. As soon as he left, the monstrous-looking thug approached the old man, shoving a knife out of his pocket. He twirled the knife in the air and strode in a slow motion. This monstrous man was given an assignment by the boss in the cell to kill him, the boss's reason was that the man was too old and he snored loudly whenever he was asleep.His persistent snoring had caused him many sleepless nights which he could no longer withhold.As the monstrous thug tried to stab the man because the man was asleep, a full force slapped the knife away from the thug’s hands, and he shrieked.When he turned to behold Andre, a distasteful
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Take this two billion dollars.
Chapter 5Andre’s eyebrows furrowed tightly as he recognized the man who had come to bail him.He walked out of the detention center, quiet as usual ignoring the man's existence behind him. Rage and quilt brewed within him and his fist clenched so tightly that he stopped at his pace.“You want me to forgive my mother, right?” He asked, and the man nodded.“And did you also say that my mother owns billions of assets?” The old man nodded.Andre paused for a while then cleared his throat to say. “I’ll only forgive my mother when you find out the person behind the incidents that took me to the detention center! I want the company where I’m working bought in my name, I also will need a car.”The old man's face lightened with excitement and he agreed to fulfill Andre’s request.“What kind of car if I may ask?” The old man inquired.Andre pondered for a while and answered, “Lamborghini Urus.”“Done.” The old man said.“Apology on my side for not introducing myself to you properly, young mas
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Chapter 6The loud bang from the door disrupted the activities of the couples, as they were startled. The man hurriedly covered himself with a blanket, leaving Yvonne exposed.Andre’s eyes were red as he glared at them.“What are you doing here? Who bailed you from going to jail?” The man questioned. He was no other than Willow Smith.“Andre, what are you doing here? You should be in jail.” Yvonne said as she grabbed her panties.“You couldn’t even wait for us to divorce, and you’re…” Andre pursed his lips into a thin line, his veins bulging out of his skin.“You could have just waited for us to divorce! Why did you have to sleep with him? Why did you have to cheat on me?” Andre fired.Yvonne’s confidence returned and a sardonic grin crept up the corners of her lips.“What are you, Andre? Because of a pathetic loser like you, I was demoted to the position of an ordinary assistant marketing manager, I lost my face and respect.”“And just last night that you went to jail, my former
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Three months in jail.
Chapter 7Edwin took out a golden bank card from his purse, with the word ‘Emily’ written in black on the background. He held it low in his hands.“Young master, this is a special card made by our Portland conglomerate. All expenses under the conglomerate are free. There’s also a credit limit of 1 billion dollars and the password is your birthday.”“Please use it first.”Andre hesitated a bit before taking the card.“What about my mother?” Andre asked.“Madam is fine and hoping to see you face to face someday,” Edwin answered as he lowered his head.There was a short silence before Andre finally spoke.“Tell my mother not to worry about me. Tell her to fix a convenient day for us to eat within the range of next week.”“Yes, yes master,” Edwin replied as he watched Andre walk away, then stopped a taxi.Edwin knew his madam would rejoice greatly upon hearing his son's request.~~~Getting in the taxi, Andre breathed a sigh of relief.17 years of hardship of hardship had passed and it wa
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Tell them to get away!
Chapter 8Yvonne rolled her eyes at his words and scoffed. How dare Andre threatened her with jail? “Bring it up!” She clapped. “Your level of confidence even when you’re at the brink of your downfall is something worthy to learn about; impressive.” “Input the card and put the password. If the password is incorrect, you’ll be arrested. If the pin is correct, then I’ll go to jail.” Yvonne uttered.A chorus of gasps escalated into the atmosphere at Yvonne’s words. How could she utter such a thing?Who’ll come to a big store to purchase something with a bank card without knowing the password?They couldn’t help but ponder.“Yvonne dear, you should renounce your words. You don’t worth going to jail because of this miserable being!” Willow tried to persuade Yvonne, but she was obstinate in her decision. She refused and was resolute in her decision.“Don’t you worry Willow, I knew Andre like the back of my palm.” Yvonne moved a step nearer to Willow. “He doesn’t even have a bank accoun
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How dare you?
Chapter 9Andre’s anger dropped a bit as he sensed the genuine in Willow’s voice. He turned to face the men in black and said.“Who are you guys? Why surround me? You should pave the way and let me pass.” Andre instructed, his grip tightening on the shopping bag.The men took a step back and fell to their knees, with their heads bowed.This act of them stunned Andre and Willow.“Divine Doctor Mayer, we beseech you to follow us. Our old master is dying, he needs your mighty healing.”Andre’s eyes squinted in shock. Mayer? They must have mistaken him for someone else. His name is Andre Spencer and not Mayer.“I’m sorry, I’m not Mayer. You must have mistook me for someone else.” Andre said, trying to bypass them but his knees were held down.“Doctor, we are sure it’s you.” The one who had held Andre by his knees said in a graver tone. “You told us to come here at exactly 8 pm.”Andre’s eyes widened. He didn’t tell anyone to visit him. They must have mistaken him.Willow on the other hand
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Fake doctor Mayer!
Chapter 10Andre overhead how the lady was being insulted, and his heart weighed with ache.He was once in this lady’s shoes. An object of ridicule in the hands of his mother-in-law and wife.He knew the doctor was going to fumble, but decided to stay quiet for a while.Just as they approached the lady, the man from earlier on stopped to bow his head to the lady.“Young mistress, this is the man evict you’ve instructed us to bring.” The man announced Andre’s presence to the lady,The lady’s once dark face brightened up with a wash of excitement, but this expression didn’t last long as she beheld Andre's physique.Andre was dressed in a casual outfit, although he looked charming but too unbelievable.How could a man like Andre heal her grandfather? He doesn’t look as powerful as the old man had described him.Back then, she heard about an ancient physician whose hands had healed several people, and her grandfather was sick. Sasha asked around and was directed to a remote village.Coinc
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