Chapter 2150 Who Opened the Envelope?

Daryl visits Dr. Silvana.

“Dr. Silvana, thank you for having me. Did the exam happen...?”

She smiles, “Yes, Mr. Mountain.”

“You can call me Daryl. Don’t confuse me with my brother.”

“OK… Daryl.” She holds out the envelope, but feels something wrong, “Wait... looks like someone already opened the envelope!”

Daryl widens his eyes, “Who was the snooper?”

“Dr. Antenor!”

Antenor runs out of the lab, “Dr. Silvana, your patient Gabriela Alves was hospitalized here in labor!”

“Did you tamper with Mr. Mountain’s file?” Silvana doesn't let the subject slip away.

“Of course not, I was the one who sealed it. Come on, we need to attend to Miss Alves!”

“You go ahead, I need to call—”

Daryl offers, “Go ahead, Dr. Silvana, I’m a friend of Josias. By the way

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