Chapter 2165 Career Opportunity

“There are many things you can do.” Josias paternally asserts to Reuben, “For example, you can be like your Uncle Wally, head of a team of builders.”

“Cool…” Reuben's eyes are twinkling.

“You can study architecture and urbanism at university.” Alan decides to help, “Who knows, when Octavio retires...”

Josias nods at his son's suggestion, “That's right, Alan. So you guys work together at headquarters.”

“Imagine: James would be the CFO, Caio would be the Head of Engineering, Junior would be in Public Relations...” Alan feels a lump in his throat.

“What is it, son?”

“I was going to mention J.J.” Alan feels his voice shaking, “Dad, why did my brother have to die?”

“He didn't HAVE to die, Alan.” Josias is moved, “It was an accident.”

Reuben scratches his head, “Then why is Claud

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