Chapter 2166 Chic People in the Favela... Why?

At the Montanha Penthouse, Elza visits Diane to chat. The two have tea in the living room.

“I miss Melissa and Kelvin.” Diane comments with a sigh, “They were the lifeblood of this penthouse.”

Elza hints, “Too bad they had to go so far, huh?”

“But it was for a good cause.” Diane smiles, “They are now running the new branch of the Crystal Blue restaurant.”

“And do you intend to open more restaurants around?” Elza asks like someone who didn't want anything too much.

But Diane grows suspicious of the visitor's questions, “It depends if business continues to boom...”

“Pray that all goes well in Victoria.” Elza smiles mysteriously, “Or Melissa would have to go back and risk being my daughter-in-law again.”

Diane's hands are shaking, making the cup rattle, “What are you talking about, Elza?”

“You know…

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