Chapter 2204 Patrick Has Matured

Jacques and Ingrid are passing through the interior of the supermarket, talking about the meeting they had with the mayor.

“My love, let’s help the homeless children of the city.” Jacques announces, “One of the orphanages needs food donations.”

“And we have plenty of food and drink to donate, right?” Ingrid gestures to the crowded gondolas.

“Yes, that way we feel good about being able to help others.” Jacques nods satisfied.

“Let’s talk to Thierry then. He said he wants to take care of advertising and publicity, right?”

“It’s his chance to sign a beauty from the modeling agency.” Jacques laughs, thinking of Nadia getting mad at the commercial.

Thus, the father and mother move to the back of the supermarket. The loudspeaker plays the song “Hands Clean” by Alanis Morissette, encouraging shoppers to buy.

But when Jacques and Ingrid pass

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