The Heir

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The Heir

By: Ninakey OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Life takes a drastic turn for Chase Andersons when he suddenly wakes up in a body that isn't his. Theo's body. The last thing he remembered was being hit on the head with a vase and slipping into the cold hands of death. He was supposed to be dead, but fate wasn't done with him.

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151 chapters
Chapter 1
Chase walked to the porch of his one-storey duplex and he placed his fingerprint on the scanner and turned the knob open, his briefcase on one hand and a bouquet of beautiful white roses on the other.He had just closed a hundred million dollar-deal that would take his 3-star restaurant, which he had inherited from his father, to a 5-star Michelin restaurant and he was eager to share the news with his lovely wife. The pride and joy was evident on his face as it held a very wide grin.He pushed the door open and walked to the balcony. Martha, his wife, was always at the balcony waiting for him with a book in her hands whenever he came back from work.He looked around but she wasn't there. He called her name and was greeted with silence.He took the stairs two at a time and when he got to the top of the stairs, he heard some sounds.He chuckled. She was probably watching television.He got closer to the room and the sound got louder. It was moaning. Was his wife watching porn? He though
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Chapter 2
Chase tried to move his hands and legs but he couldn't. His bed was never this small and hard. He felt pain all over his body. The acrid smell of the room made his open his eyes. "This didn't smell like my room" he thought to himself. He slowly opened his eyes and he was greeted by a dim light right above him. "This is definitely not my room". He whispered. He looked around and he couldn't recognize where he was. He was in a cramped bathroom. It smelled so bad there that he felt bile rise up his throat and he sat up and emptied the contents of his stomach into the toilet bowl. Just as he was about to stand up, he pushed his hand to the cold ground to support his weight and he felt something. He reached out to it and it was a bottle of xanax, and used syringes lay around. "What the hell?" He thought. He pushed the bottle to the side and walked out of the bathroom but something caught his attention that made him retrace his steps and walk back into the bathroom. It was a mirror
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Chapter 3
Chase looked through the wallet that was in the drawer and it was empty aside from a torn 1 dollar bill. He sighed in frustration. "Just how broke were you Theo?" He asked aloud as he kept searching the house for anything that looked like money. He was very hungry and he knew wouldn't be able to think of anything in that state. He had searched all over the tiny room and just as he laid down on the floor in defeat, he saw a $50 dollar bill. He quickly reached for it and grinned from ear to ear. That was the happiest he'd ever been to see $50. He grimaced at the irony that just the previous day, he had effortlessly tipped a valet with 100 bucks and there he was, genuinely happy to see 50. He shook off the thought as his stomach growled in protest and quickly put on a worn out brown shirt and a black flip flop that had seen better days, and headed out of the room. He went downstairs and held tight unto the rail because the stairs looked very weak and protested with a squeak each
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Chapter 4
Chase walked down the street and thankfully, he didn't get lost. He saw his landmark and rushed into the street and up the stairs of the house, still taking the stairs gently at a time. "I'd already been killed once. I didn't want to make it two" he whispered to himself. Immediately he got into the house, he sat on the sofa that looked like it was probably older than him and he tore open his food. He dug into the food hungrily and moaned when he took the first bite. "As shabby as the place looked, their food isn't half as bad. Or maybe it's the hunger talking". He shurgged. Either way, he ate the food and mid-chew, his eyes landed on the phone again. He picked it up and went through the emails and regretted it immediately. "What the fuck?!" He almost choked on the burger and he quickly slurped on his latte to clear his throat. "What the fuck?!" He repeated, slower this time. "This dude owes student loan of about $5000". He all but screamed. That wouldn't be a problem for Chase
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Chapter 5
"Babe" the lady said and rushed into the house, holding his cheeks as her frantic eyes searched all over his body. "I thought I'd lost you" she said and walked into the room, dragging his hands along. "Let's never have a nasty fight like that again okay? I love you babe" she said and stood on her tippy toes to kiss him. When she saw he wasn't responding, she pulled away, as hurt flashed through her eyes. She was a very attractive woman. She had brown hair which stopped on the swell of her breasts and they had golden tips which she probably bleached. She was very beautiful and her blue eyes looked like they were holding back tears. "Did you really block me? I tried calling you several times but it wasn't reachable. I had to drive all the way here to make sure you were okay" she said looking up at him through her long lashes and her lips quivered when she finished and a single tear dropped from her eyes. Chase lifted up his hands instinctively and wiped off the tears from her cheek
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Chapter 6
He made his way to the now familiar road leading to the café to get breakfast. He didn't know where to start from but breakfast was a very good start. He walked into the café and this time, it wasn't as crowded as the last. He walked straight to the barista and she still very much looked like a doll, while chewing her signature gum. "Look who it is. I almost didn't recognize you. You look bad" she said and he mentally rolled his eyes but stopped. "What do you mean I look bad?" He asked, feeling a tinge of sadness. That was literally the best outfit in that wardrobe and if the lady who had zero fashion sense said it looked bad, then he could only wonder what other people would think. "Well," she started, waving her manicured fingers in his general direction. "You looked horrible the other time so today, you just look bad," she finished and laughed at her own joke. "Whatever. I'll have a large chicken burger with fries. I'd prefer the chicken undercooked with extra mustard and a la
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Chapter 7
The next three places he tried were even worse. He wasn't even allowed entrance from the security. They all treated him like the dirt under the sole of their shoes. "Get out of here, you homeless beggar." "This place isn't for people like you." Those were some of the harsh words that were thrown at him and he flinched each time a security guard or reception said it with disgust evident in their eyes. "I'm not one to give up" he muttered under his breath as he stood in front of the last place on his list. He wasn't expecting anything different from what he'd already seen but he wanted to be satisfied with himself that he tried his best. 'Gab and Gabe's'. The letters were boldly carved in front of the building. The whole building was painted in white and gold outlines. He had heard of them before. Gab and Gabe's was a chain of high-end hotel. They had branches all over the world. They sat royally in the top 5 businesses in the state and they held the position for over 10 years. Th
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Chapter 8
"I don't….." he began but his sentence was cut in his throat when a punch was landed on his eye. "Fuck" he screamed in pain as he felt his eyes throbbing violently. Huncho pulled out a knife and he began breathing heavily. He traced the tip along Chase's cheeks and stopped on his neck. "This is just a warning. I won't be merciful next time" he said and applied a little pressure on his hold and Chase felt blood trickling down his neck. "Let's go" he said and they left. Chase watched their retreating backs, his vision on his right eye almost shut. He managed to get back to the house and he rushed to the empty fridge and pulled out a pack of ice. He placed it on his right eye and he felt hot tears rolling down from his good eye. "Just what kind of life did this guy live?" He asked myself as the tears continued falling. He was tired. He was frustrated. He was hungry. I He was in pain. He left the pack of ice on his eye till it became numb. He couldn't feel anything but at the s
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Chapter 9
Chase felt like a kid in Christmas as he boarded the bus, making a mental note to stop by the café on his way back from work to properly thank Mia for her help the other day. The black eye he suffered from the hands of Huncho had almost completely cleared off by now and he was very grateful he didn't have to go in for his first day at work looking like a hoodlum. He stood in the bus, a grin plastered on his face. He didn't even know why he was so happy but he believed it had to do with the fact that he was picked for the job instead of the other brazen men. A couple of high-schoolers snickered and pointed at his ratty shoes but he paid them no mind. He wasn't going to let anything dampen his mood. He had brought out the best pair of white shirt he could find in Theo's wardrobe and after ironing it out for what felt like hours, it finally looked wearable. He paired it with a black slack that had more holes that a basket. It was either that or a pair of ratty jeans. He stood outside
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Chapter 10
"Boy, go to the restaurant on the other side of the road and get me chicken taco salad and a large latte with extra whip." Patrick ordered from the head of the round conference table. Before Chase could reply and go to him, he threw a 20 dollar bill at his feet and went back to his work on his laptop.There were six other well-suited men and women and they all began placing their orders and flinging money at his face and feet.With clenched teeth, Chase bent down and picked everything and just as he was about to go and get their lunch order, a boisterous voice stopped him. "Here's some money. You can get a steamed bun for yourself or something. You look hungry," Paul said and threw a one-dollar bill at his feet."Thank you, I don't want it," Chase gritted out."Don't be arrogant, boy, he's doing you a favor and you better not steal my change or something. Make sure you come back with the correct invoice of each item you buy or you're fired," Patrick boomed and the other people in th
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