Chapter 2214 Our Heir

Octavio is showing Josias the best project for the Uélton Freire orphanage. Isabel, Wallace, and Vera were present in social attire to witness the moment.

Isabel feels tears in her eyes as soon as she sees the floor plan and a photo of what promises to be the facade.

“Oh... My dear little son will be honored once again...”

“The whole of Brazil will know about your son, Isabel.” Josias smiles at her, “Who knows, in the future we’ll have an important avenue in São Paulo named after him?”

Wallace laughs, “I’ll be happy with a neighborhood named after him here in the city, Josias.”

Vera analyzes the plan, “Look, this orphanage is going to look like a hostel for street kids, huh?”

“The intention is the same.” Octavio laughs, “We want the orphans to feel comfortable and not try to escape into the street again.”

“And so, fellow

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