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By: Victor Amos Regannez OngoingUrban/Realistic

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Victor, a modest state scholarship student at Marquez Piso University, endures non stop ridicule from wealthier colleagues of his. Losing his job and discovering his girlfriend's betrayal on the same day shatters his world. However a revelation by a renowned doctor exposes his true identity as Baron Jarrod Williams' son, offering him vast wealth and connections. He adopts dual identities for safety, vowing to take revenge on mocking colleagues and dominate the campus, also seeking to frustrate the life of his unfaithful ex-girlfriend for toying with his emotions.

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  • Victor Amos Regannez


    no love, it is not the end, I was just working on my exclusive, but expect new updates soon. I am sorry for everything.

    2024-01-23 13:37:12
  • SheHaze HennyPenny


    why does it end like this? To be continued.....this is not the movies. WTH! I'm not happy at all.

    2024-01-23 05:23:11
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80 chapters
Victor took off the company's long sleeved shirt, tucked it inside his bag, climbed his scooter and zoomed off to his girlfriend's place.Victor Mel Santos Clara was a college student on scholarship at the prestigious and overly expensive Marquez Piso university.He had earned the scholarship from the state due to his intellectual capacity, however due to his impoverished background, he took a part time job as a delivery man and also earned a few quid from helping some of his colleagues with assignments and projects.Due to his financial struggles, he was always a subject of ridicule among his coursemates who came from homes of prestige and affluence.Despite all this, he counted himself lucky to have a girlfriend in Patricia who was from a well to do family.She was also a student of the Marquez Piso university, and she rendered financial support to Victor since she was fully aware of his financial condition.Victor however reciprocated her kindness by helping her out with assignment
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"This young lad here with an unkempt dreadlocks." The burly guy replied scornfully, pointing at Victor who struggled to get ready for the surprise that was able to knock him off his feet.Patricia turned to him, and at once his heart melted. The beautiful girl that he had spent months day dreaming about, was hooking up with another guy, who apparently was rich, and well to do. "Patricia." He hissed in disbelief. "What are you…what are you doing?""Oh Victor, it is you." She scratched her hair, looking less bothered, however she refused to make an eye contact with him. "What is it you want?"He struggled to speak but words could not come out of his mouth. "I - I just -""Hey Patricia, who is this guy and why is he getting so emotional upon seeing you?" The muscular man asked, looking pissed off."Do not worry Steffen, just go back inside I will be with you shortly eh." She caressed his chest and kissed him on his lips."Be quick with this punk okay.""Yeah, I will." She replied.As St
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"Whoa, six thousand dollars!" Victor blurted out. "This is more than the transport fare." Victor however began to ponder on the reason for the doctors invitation, however since it was something concerning the hospital, he jumped up from his bed, took his clothes, and went out of his room.His mother was in the sitting room, watching some TV series still on her night gown and white stockings was alarmed when Victor walked out of the room, all dressed up."Where are you going son." She asked, looking above her glasses."I am going to the hospital, doctor Pius invited me.""For what?""I don't know."Mrs Yvonne put up a worried expression on her face. "Um son, I do not have any money to give you as transport fare, even only God knows how we are going to feed tomorrow, I am broke, and the month has not yet ended."Victor looked at his mother in pity, he wanted to speak to her about the six thousand dollars, doctor Pius had sent him, but he refused to do so, because he had no idea what the
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"She is a primary school teacher, earning a thousand dollars per month.""And you are a delivery guy earning just a thousand dollars per month and two hundred dollars per delivery?""Yes daddy."Mr Jarrod then motioned to Keegan. "Keegan give me my phone." With Mr Jarrod's phone now in within his grasp, he requested for Victor's account number, and within four minutes he was done with the transaction."Jesus Christ, twenty five million dollars!" Victor hissed in disbelief. "Daddy this is too much, what would I do with twenty five million dollars?""That is just a fraction of what I am going to do, just to make you happy." Mr Jarrod said."But dad, this is too much, thank you very much." Victor said. "Now my mother would be able to pay off the heavy debts, she has accumulated over the years." Victor said satisfactorily."How much does your mother owe?""About a hundred thousand dollars." "Wow, what is your mom doing that she owes the bank a hundred thousand dollars?""She borrowed tha
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The following day Victor decided to celebrate his newfound wealth by taking his mother Mrs Yvonne for a shopping spree at an opulent and expensive boutique named "Elysium Elegance." Which was located in the heart of the city of Glenville.It was a famous infrastructure, known for its opulence and granduer, and he thought it would be the perfect place to upgrade his wardrobe and that of his mom.As he and his mother approached the boutique, it's exterior was a solid confirmation of luxury and class.Elysium Elegance was a sight to behold. The storefront was adorned with gleaming glass windows which showcased the latest fashion trends in meticulously arranged displays.Lush, and perfectly manicured flowerbeds beautified the frontage. Their however vibrant colours where a contrast of the pristine white colouring of this boutique. Above the entrance, a grand marquee displayed this lush boutique's name in an elegant and glittering light that shimmered in the sunlight.They pushed the entr
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Undeterred by the lingering disdainful glances and the embarassing encounter with the security personnels, Victor and his mother began to explore the lavish offerings of Elysium Elegance.They navigated through the racks of designer clothing with Victor carefully selecting outfits that caught his eye and showing them to his mother.Each dress he showed to his mother seemed to transform her into a vision of elegance as she smiled and admired herself in the grand mirrors.Victor watched as his mother's face lit up with delight. Her eyes sparkled with newfound confidence in each outfit she tried on. It was a heartwarming sight, a moment of pure joy for both of them amidst the sea of judgement.As he glanced around the boutique while waiting for his mother to put on another dress, Victor noticed a particular attendant who seemed more modest, approachable, and humble than the others.She was dressed in a tasteful, understated uniform that contrasted with the ostentatious attire of her coll
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A few days later, after an early morning lecture, Victor found himself at home, contemplating the sorry state of his current phone. The touchscreen had been acting up for weeks, making it increasingly frustrating to use. As he scrolled through his options, he realized that it was time for an upgrade.With determination in his eyes, Victor decided to venture out and buy a new phone. He put on some modest clothing, not wanting to attract unnecessary attention, despite the newfound wealth he had.Stepping out of his house, Victor felt a sense of purpose. He had successfully navigated the world of luxury shopping at Elysium Elegance, but now he was on a more practical mission.He pulled out his current phone, its touchpad issues still evident. As he tried to order an Uber to head to the nearest electronics store, the unresponsive screen added to his frustration. He tapped and swiped repeatedly, but the phone refused to cooperate.Victor sighed, realizing he might need to hail a taxi th
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The onslaught of insults and mockery from the first two ladies had left Victor feeling deeply embarrassed and a simmering anger building within him. He had walked into the electronics store with the hope of a straightforward phone upgrade, but instead, he found himself subjected to unwarranted ridicule.As he stood there, trying to maintain his composure in the face of their hurtful words, he couldn't help but wish he could disappear or that the ground would swallow him whole.In this moment of vulnerability, he noticed a faint smile on the face of the phone attendant who had been observing the interaction. Her smile, while not overt, held a hint of understanding, as if she had witnessed similar situations before.Maintaining her professionalism, she approached Victor and, in a calm and respectful tone, said, "Welcome to the Tech Haven Plaza. May I ask of the phone that my young master desires to buy?"Victor appreciated the phone attendant's professionalism, and her words helped ea
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Victor's eventful morning had left him with a renewed sense of purpose and determination as he was eager to prepare himself for another productive day at school. He realized that presenting himself in a new light, both internally and externally, was essential to his newfound sense of purpose, to suit his newfound identity.Victor started his morning routine with a refreshing shower. The warm water cascaded down, washing away the remnants of the stressful encounters of the previous day.As he lathered up with his favorite shower gel, he felt a sense of cleansing not only on his body but also on his spirit. The water served as a metaphorical reset button, allowing him to wash away the doubts and insecurities of his cruel past.Once he was out of the shower, Victor meticulously brushed his teeth, ensuring his smile was bright and confident. He took his time, recognizing that each action was a step towards the transformation he sought.With his grooming complete, Victor moved to his wa
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After sending those comforting messages to Michael, Victor quickly made a few clicks on his phone to browse for new practice gear online. He was determined to upgrade his attire to avoid any further ridicule in the locker room. Satisfied with his selections, he placed an order and then headed back to the locker room.When he returned, most of his teammates were in the process of kitting up. Some had already changed into their jerseys, and a few were beginning to stretch and warm up.As Victor entered, he couldn't help but sense an air of anticipation mixed with lingering laughter from the earlier teasing. He knew he had to hold his head high and focus on preparing for practice.However, just as he was about to start changing into his practice gear, Rodriguez, who had made fun of Victor, couldn't resist another opportunity for mockery.With a mockingly dramatic tone, Rodriguez said, "Oh, here comes the vintage man, he's back already."Sections of the locker room burst into laughter
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