Chapter 2231 Finish the Sacrifice

Vernon takes pity on his son who has been suffering from Gabriela’s toxic relationship.

“I need to make one thing very clear, Dad.” João Paulo continues, “I’m not complaining about taking care of Josias’s daughter. On the contrary, Sandra and I became attached as if we were truly father and daughter. We create an incredible connection. However, Gabriela doesn’t forget the past. She keeps rejecting her daughter, and when they are together, Gabriela is always yelling at her. Sandra cries when her mother approaches, and I have to separate them before Gabriela freaks out and kills her daughter.”

Vernon pulls up a chair and sits down, “Son, the zeal and selfless love you have for Josias is admirable. But it’s obviously killing you. That faux pas of yours in writing about Gabriela in the article on the Metallurgist strike... everyone in the business is talking about it (and laughing). That’s a sign that

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