The Indestructible Alexander

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The Indestructible Alexander

By: Adam Aksara Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Alex, the supreme leader of the Archelion Empire and the first in line successor, goes incognito as part of the empire's tradition. He gets cheated and dumped by his wife before their first wedding anniversary. All people bully him because he is poor. However, everything takes a turn when Sophia Deneuve, the daughter of Rich Deneuve, recognizes the admirable qualities beyond wealth in Alex - his hard work, sincerity, and greatness. She decides to marry Alex the day after his divorce.

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Chapter 1
In a small alley of Blackwood City, within one of the neatly arranged old wooden houses. “Darling, breakfast is ready.” Alex happily prepared breakfast for his wife. “It is your favourite bacon. I woke up early to prepare it. Let's enjoy it together before heading to work." His wife didn't respond from their bedroom. Alex placed the delicious-smelling bacon on the table and found her sitting on the edge of the bed. She was still in her pajamas, with a cold look on her face. “Are you okay, honey?” "No, I'm not." His wife said, "“Alexander, I want a divorce." " “W-What?” Alex thought he was hallucinating. And the breakfast he had prepared for Merly fell to the ground with a loud noise. "You heard me right! I want you out of the picture. It’s OVER!" Merly’s voice was cold as ice, but her eyes were burning. She looked extremely angry. "I-Is this a joke?" Alex asked, his voice trembling, "Tomorrow is our first wedding anniversary." He walked up to her, trying to figure out if
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Chapter 2
Alex hurried outside to retrieve the parcel, containing items no one should see.Neighbours had gathered around to watch this shameful drama of a wife divorcing her husband. Some point their fingers at Alex.Merly stood at the door, faced the gathered crowd fiercely."Everyone, look at this useless man," she shouted with contempt, "He can't bring me any happiness in my life. He gave me ugly, cheap things, and all bitter food to eat!"“Before marriage, I didn’t even need to work. Rich men were lining up to provide everything I needed!”"Since I married, I’ve known nothing but pain and poverty." She scanned the crowd arrogantly. "I ask you, do I have the right to divorce this worthless man?"An unmarried, 70-year-old grandmother retorted, "Merly, you are beautiful, and you are already too kind to your trash husband. If it were me, I would have long ago divorced him! Even if you gave him to me for free, I wouldn’t take him.""Agree," said another ugly man. "Merly, you're too pretty for h
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Chapter 3
"You little bustard, you don't know what you and your sister lost."Alex clenched his face, but suddenly laughed out a little. Blood in his mouth tasted bitter. He gazed at the government agency building.Last year, he and Merly arrived, full of love and happiness, unable to wait even a second to sign their marriage papers.They declared the sacred oath together."In good times and bad, in sickness and health, for richer or poorer, until death do us part, we are committed to staying together."Sealed it with a sacred kiss.He even still vividly remembers the sweetness of the taste of the sacred kiss.Now he was the only one clinging to their oath.“You asshole! What are you standing there for?" Merly calling out to him impatiently. "Go in and get this over with."Alex’s had no choice. Together, they entered the crowded hall, took a number, and waited for their turn.The sterile scent of the government office mixed with Merly’s perfume as Alex beside her pleaded.“Merly, this is the
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Chapter 4
The security stopped him when Alex was walking out, “Did you sign it?”Alex nodded, too careless to answer.“Good, next time find someone who’s your equal.”Alex walked away. ‘My equal? True. Merly surely only fits as the lowest.’He noticed Merly on the roadside, appearing to wait for someone.Walking over to her under the scorching sunlight that burned his skin, Alex as a gentleman, he believed it wasn't right to part on bad terms.After all, they had shared a year together through good and bad.Alex tried to offer his hand for a handshake, but Merly fiercely slapped it away.“Yeah, good for you. You’ve been draining me for a year. Do you think anyone would want to shake hands with a monster that’s tortured them?”He was baffled, unable to understand why every kind word he uttered was met with anger and blame from her.“I’ve done everything for you. Can you tell me, besides not buying you those expensive stuffs, what did I do to deserve this much disrespect?” Alex finally snapped.“
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Chapter 5
Alex's hands trembled with rage and irony as he flung the ring."So, Ugor is the real reason for our divorce?"Merly caught the ring; her face briefly showed a hint of guilt before transforming into aggressive arrogance.“So what? We are already divorced. I am free to do anything.”“You are right.” It was really a bitter reality, taste like a sand in Alex’s mouth.“Don’t you know who Ugor really is? He’s just going to play with your heart and body, then discard you. Can’t you find someone better, someone more human than a goat?”“Shut up!” Ugor interjected. “I’m going to marry Merly. If it weren’t for you, I’d have married her six months ago.”Alex ignored him, “Merly, ask yourself deep down, is Ugor the right one for you?”“Anyone better than you is fine,” Merly's face flushed with shame, her eyes darting away to avoid the accusing stares."This is not 'something better than me,'" Alex’s hands gestured towards Ugor with a disbelief.“You are just jealous to Ugor.”“Me to this creatur
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Chapter 6
"You're talking nonsense!" Ugor's intense anger and emotional rage were evident as he defended his innocence, even though it was clearly his fault. Suddenly, a Rolls-Royce Spectre appeared behind them.It was a limited edition, only 10 units in the world. Money can no longer measure its valueA tall, stunningly beautiful woman, adorned in extravagant attire, emerged from her car.“Gentlemen, can you please move your cars? I need to pass.”Ugor, shocked by the beauty, promptly replied with a lewd expression, "Yes, yes, of course."“Right away.” The other car owner, feeling intimidated by the high-priced car’s aura, also moved his car to the parking lot to clear the way."Thank you," the woman replied, then drove her luxury car into the parking lot, eliciting awe from a crowd of onlookers.She got out of her car elegantly, walked towards Alex, and bowing deeply. “Lord Alex, your faithful personal assistant, Livinia, at your service.”Ugor and Merly watched in shock as the beautiful wom
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Chapter 7
Merly burst into the room, her eyes wide with desperation, declaring, “Cancel my divorce this instant!”The woman looked at Merly, her finger already on the enter button. "Oops... I just pushed it."Merly's face turned into a shock; her smart device was still connected to Auna."Oh, I apologize, Mrs. Merly,” Auna suddenly called. “Our system just processing your divorce. As a result, this bank account will be terminated. Have a nice day."The screen suddenly went blank."Why did you put it in the system?" Merly’s anger flaring at the worker.“I had tried to give you 15 minutes before, but you refused it! Go back to Mr. Alexander, ask him to sign the marriage papers again," the woman disdainfully said. “Loser!”In a mixed feeling of fury and loss, Merly walked out.Outside the parking lot, in the burning heat of the sunlight, she found neither Alex nor Livinia; the luxury car was gone."Merly," Ugor hurried over to her, his ugly face glistening with sweat. "I don’t believe what that wo
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Chapter 8
"What? What did you just say?" The general manager stood up, shock and disbelief evident on his face. No one had ever spoken so boldly in front of him in his entire life."I'll repeat it as many times as you want," Alex said, fed up with everything.“This place, Luster, is not your fucking place."The worker’s face was pale, they were so shocked that they didn’t dare say anything or make even the smallest move."What the fuck are you talking about?" Luster said, his voice seething with fury."You are just a manager here, a salary eater like our workers." Alex stepped forward, his eyes blazing with defiance. "Do you think you're the boss here? Acting arrogant all this time? Some people snap their fingers and you wouldn't find a job for the rest of your life."“Great... great... Looks like you’ve finally gone crazy,” Luster retorted, scanning the room.“How did you teach and discipline these tiny project leaders?” Luster said, "I'll cut your salaries, all of you! Permanently!"The worke
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Chapter 9
They all looked at the source, which was a goddess with beautiful clothes. A woman with her long, wavy hair cascading over her shoulders, her movements radiated grace and elegance. Her smile, warm and inviting, seemed to thaw even the iciest demeanour, carrying with her an autumnal aura. "Miss Sophia," Lucas stammered, releasing Alex's collar as everyone returned to their chairs. Sophia Deneuve, in her twenties, was the golden apple of the wealthy Deneuve family, the CEO of Deneuve Hotel, and a top goddess in Blackwood City. "Miss Sophia," the men said, their faces lighting up. To them, Sophia was like an unattainable goddess. "I've just come from my hotel construction site. I've heard that the workers there haven't received their directions to start their work from the office." Sophia said, her brow furrowed, "We need to adhere to our schedule, right?" "Yes, yes, of course," the senior project manager said. "We're sending today's work schedule directions now, and they'll start
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Chapter 10
"You don't look very comfortable," Luster suddenly said. "Sophia, is there something wrong?"Sophia clenched her teeth tightly, feeling a strange surge of heat coursing through her body, awakening her... desires."Mr. Luster, is there something wrong with your coffee?" Sophia's voice was shaking with fear.“What are you talking about?” Luster asked back.“My smart device recorded my blood pressure starting to rise and my body getting hotter. A mouthful coffee cannot trigger this reaction.” Sophia said with louder voice.Luster laughed after hearing that.Sophia wanted to find an excuse to leave, but her body felt weak and she couldn't even stand up.She glanced at the tightly closed door.Scream for help? No, that wouldn't work. Apart from the uncertainty of anyone hearing her scream, if this matter got out, her and the Deneuve family's reputation would be ruined!In despair, she activated the call function on her smart device and dialed the first number on her contact list.***Alex
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