Chapter 2230 Felipe vs Patrick

At Rocha Constructions, Josias is in a meeting with the directors to discuss company matters.

Josias was in his stately chair, listening to the financial report from Tiago. This one, he said standing up, pointing to the projector displaying pie charts.

William was present as one of the shareholders.

“Any more questions, gentlemen?” Tiago asks.

“This graph is looking like one of my pizzas,” William responds jokingly, making the other gentlemen laugh.

Tiago responds, “Yes, William, and your share of the profits is well stuffed. And what about your son? He will turn 21 next year.”

“My boy, how time flies.” William nods smiling, “He is studying the company information I pass on to him.”

Josias asks, “Any areas he’s interested in, Will?”

“He likes to observe projects up close,” William answers.

Octavio chimes in, “Then he needs to

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