Chapter 2238 What You Cry So Much

“You did what?” Diane asked her husband in amazement in his office.

“I confronted the moron, honey!” Daryl walks in circles around the room, “He clearly sabotaged our party! I imagine how traumatized Felipe must have been for the rest of his life!”

Diane holds her husband to stop circling like crazy, “Stop circling, I’m getting dizzy. Honey, don’t overdo it. Alan has been a great friend and has introduced Felipe to everyone we know. Especially people their age.”

Daryl has a feverish look, “Yeah, and it was at one of those shows that he had his first run-in with Patrick!”

Diane is startled, “Why did Patrick do that?”

“Felipe recognized Pat as one of those who chased him away when he appeared at the back of the restaurant.” Daryl informs her, “Obviously, Felipe didn’t say he was the beggar, but the abuse left an imprint on his mind and heart. P

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