Chapter 2239 The Lafayettes Conference

At Crystal Blue, Daryl and Felipe have the first conversation between father and son, even if it’s through adoption.

“Dad, did I do something wrong?” Felipe asks, worried.

“I’m glad you call me Dad.” Daryl smiles, “Sit down, son. You mentioned Patrick, and I know there is a problem with him.”

“Do you remember what he did?” Felipe frowns.

“Yes, he tried to throw you out of the restaurant.” Daryl sits face-to-face, “You never explained to me what you really wanted...”

“I wanted to eat that chocolate dough. It smelled good!” Felipe smiles.

“I understood. But, remember that we don’t want people to know about your past on the streets. Facing Patrick, you almost gave yourself away.”

“He didn’t recognize me.” Felipe scowls.

“You say it like you WANT him to recognize you, Felipe.” Daryl rubs hi

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