Chapter 2336 Accident with Bernie

As soon as the Mountain family left, Wallace locked the door and ripped all the clothes off his body again. Vera laughs.

“Today you don’t want to get formal, huh?”

Wallace shrugs, “No, it’s hot today. Do you want me to turn the fan on for you?”

“Don’t put it too strong. I don’t want to risk Elton catching a cold.” Vera tenderly looks at her son.

Wallace thus turns on the fan, “You know, Patrick came by, but he didn’t tell me what he wanted, and he left without answering.”

“That was really weird.” Vera frowns, “He saw his bosses here and was embarrassed?”

“Looks like he was late.” Wallace chuckles, “But he got weird saying that only Daryl and Diane were his bosses. He said that by the time Felipe’s turn comes around, he’ll already be at a better job.”

Vera saw no strangeness in the phrase, “Every man wants a better job.”

“But he said, I don’t know... As if he had something against Felipe. Did they fight?” Wallace scratches his chin.

Vera shrugs. She is only interested in taking care of
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