Chapter 2366 Chance of Publicity

Melissa is embarrassed when she receives a letter from Kelvin Mountain.

And Josias held the letter out to her with a neutral face. That means he already knows who sent her that letter...

“Josias, you could have thrown it away,” Melissa speaks in a low tone so the twins don’t hear.

“I want you to decide what to do with your correspondence,” Josias responds, without showing jealousy.

Melissa takes a deep breath. She takes advantage of the fact that the employees haven’t come yet to open the letter and read it.

But Melissa can’t read half a word. Attached to the letter is an immoral photo of Kelvin, smiling lewdly, with the line written in black pen: ‘Don’t you miss this’?”

Melissa’s hands are shaking as she stuffs the contents back into the envelope, Mary standing beside her.

“Is this a letter from Daddy, Mom?” she asks innocently.

“Yes, daughter, I also received a letter from Daddy.” Melissa smiles nervously.

“Cool!” Ignacio vibrates, “He hasn’t forgotten about us.”

Josias decides to e
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