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Leo needed urgent Money for his Orphanage mother's surgery, but all he got from his shameless mother-in-law was file to divorce his wife whom she wanted to sell off to a millionaire. The despised and belittled Son-in-law of the Watt family had had enough of belittling and insults! Saving his mother was his priority now. So he got out his phone and placed a call. "Grandpa, I'm willing to take Over as the heir of your Trillionare Wealth" From now on, Show time!


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46 chapters
1: Urgent Money needed
Keeping up with his part time job was a hard one. Especially When the boss doesn't even appreciate him for his effort.Being a cranky person in general, Leo's boss doesn't even miss a chance to talk down on him for every little thing."Why are you standing there doing nothing? Haven't you cleaned up the plates to be used to serve the customers?""Why are you dilly-dallying? don't you know you should hurry up and serve the Customers?"Leo couldn't tell exactly why it was so, but it already seemed that His boss had an automatic hatred towards him.Always wanting to exploit his efforts to do more and still bash him for making the slightest mistake of all. Leo didn't seem to be the type to bother talking back easily..He lived with it.The sound of the shattering plates from the kitchen was something which had now gotten the attention of his boss.Shocked, his boss had rushed over to the kitchen to see what it was all about now.Leo was on the phone and what he was hearing over the phone
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2: Shameless
Leo stared at her.. He didn't seem to like where this was heading to, Certainty because he felt that something was off.Having stayed with his Mother-in-law for while now.. He hadn't once had a pleasant memory of her..This woman sitting before him was a thorn to him and his Married life in multiple ways.He had only come to her out of his desperate situation to save his foster mother after all."And what is the condition you're trying to impose?" He questioned as Her mother in-law smiled.Her Mother in law had got out a file and pushed it across the table for Leo to see. It got to Leo's front as he slowly picked it up.Reading through the content, he was simply shocked at what he saw. "This is...""Yes it is. Divorce my daughter and get out of our life..Then I'll happily give you the money"Leo slowly looked up at her. Although he had known her for being a Thorn, this was actually the first time she had made such baffling request openly to him."And what's this supposed...""Can't you
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3: Place a call
Leo was beyond speech. He couldn't believe the level of being shameless which his Mother-in-law had ascended to. He had known her to be a cheap person, but not certain cheap to this level.This woman was literally selling her daughter for money and wasn't even wavering at the thought. Rather she was proud of her decision."I can then rest assured once it's you my future son-in-law. Unlike someone who Obviously can't offer anything solid, I know you can certainly take care of us. All that's need to be done is marrying off my daughter to you and all is done! So you... Don't waste my time and sign this""What do you think you're saying.. Ma'am?" Leo was too shocked at her mentality that he had to ask "Don't you know that you're selling off your daughter like this?"Leo was too offended that he continued lecturing her "This isn't right Ma'am. How can you do such a thing like scooping so low to selling off Your daugher all because of money? That's a disgusting thing to do"Mrs Watt now See
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4: The Heir has accepted
Leo had Called the line which didn't hesitate before someone picked up from the other end of the line."Hello? Who is this?" The male voice from the other end of the line questioned. Leo recognized the voice without hesitation.It was The senior butler of his Grandpa. He couldn't believe he was still working under his grandpa till this day..How loyal, he thought."Hello, It's me." He said Causally."You are...?" The senior butler was trying to understand who it was."Leo. The Grandson of Grandpa Ellison" He explained as the senior butler almost had his jaws dropped!He couldn't believe whom was calling him that he almost went down on his knees in shock even without Leo being presently there."Oh dear! Young Master! You actually Called. Oh gosh I never imagined you would." The senior butler was stunned. He never imagined he'd call back and therefore wasn't ready for this.But on the end while he was overjoyed by him calling, The senior butler hoped he was calling with an expected good
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Leo couldn't understand what was happening at the moment.. He had inserted the card once again and it had said the same thing!The doctor had sighed with the belief that his hunch was right. He didn't believe that he could get the money quickly."What's... what's wrong.. with this...I'm sure it was sent" Leo was more confused than anyone. He couldn't believe his card wasn't working or something?"Let me try..." He requested again."Please sir! if you don't have the money you can go and get it. You have the time to do so, because when you do so then we shall begin the surgery." The doctor explained."But... I'm sure about the money..let me.." "Please sir we can't waste time with this. The card is clearly invalid. I don't know the trick you're trying to play but please know that I'm busy and have other patients to attend to. So don't disturb me and go get the money"Even if the doctor was trying to sound so nice, It was pretty much Obvious from a point of view that he was literally ann
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6: Manager...
They were jerks. Annoying jerks who only knew how to be jerks. This was the thought that flashed through Leo's mind as he walked pass them and headed into the Manager's office.He had just walked in when the manager looked up at him. Leo had realized that the manager wasn't the only person in there. It also happened that the security man was there."I don't have enough time to waste so you better clarify yourself now and say the truth so the case doesn't get dragged. How did you get the money?" The manager inquired, glaring coldly at Leo."I Said it and I'll keep saying it yet again. Someone gifted me the money and there's nothing more to it. If you don't believe me don't you think you need to dig more into it other than questioning me like a criminal?" He questioned the manager."You even Still have the guts to talk in that manner even in such situation. What a joke. Don't you know that you can be sent to jail from here and there you'll he investigated? That's why the security man i
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7:.. Behave yourself!
Leo raised an eyebrow as he stared at the smile on the man's face.He was already expecting it, so he wasn't surprised at all.The jerk of man continued " If you agree to It and give me half of the money. Then I won't follow this case any further, Rather I'll end it quietly as if nothing happened..You leave with half and me half. Everyone's happy "Leo Sighed "Isn't that... wrong? I mean I know that I didn't do anything wrong to get this money which was rightfully obtained...""Damn who cares about right and wrong? And who even cares if you got it legally or not? The ball is in my court now and I can spin the narrative as I please..If I tell them you illegally obtained it, all will believe it and you'll end up in jail"He was smiling while staring at Leo "You can accept and give it to me. we make a deal that no one will know about and then... You leave. It'd be a wise choice of yours, Other than heading to jail, right ?"Leo stared at him "Are you being for real now?""Do I look like
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8: How to play it right
Confused and shocked, The senior butler stared at him. "Huh? Young Master how can you say that? How can you let him be like that?"The Manager on the other hand seemed relived.Leo Smiled " Like he said, he was just doing his job and I agree that he's doing the right thing after all. It was right to block the account from any suspicious activity. So don't stress it too much, let's leave it at that""But Young Master..." The senior butler wasn't ready to do that."Sir..." Leo stared at him with a smile " I understand how you feel... But we can't be jerks like him. Can we? Let's just leave since then issue has been resolved. All I ask of him is to free my account asap""Sure sure! I'll request they do it right now! No worries..I always knew you were an understanding type! "He expressed as he placed a call for the account to be freed."Sir.. Let's go" Leo Stared at The senior butler with a smile as he nodded..The Senior butler didn't have any alternative but to agree with him.He too ha
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9: Smooth Payment
The Manager was shocked as he Heard the audio play. It was playing out loud that even people around were hearing what they had discussed. Or specifically what he had said.Murmuring slowly filled the atmosphere with everyone looking at him. He felt uncomfortable as he recalled Leo.He had done quick thinking and what he recalled was when Leo had Causally gone through his phone.He was now certain that it wasn't just casually going through his phone..But it happened that he had recorded the conversation!He was speechless."Well this... what's this...this is..." He didn't even know how to defend himself. "This is fake.. it's all made up, it's all edited. Nothing there is real I'm sure the person who sent you this hates me and had edited it all up put me in danger!"That was the best he could do. Fight as if he life depended on it..Even when he knew he was blabbing rubbish!"Is that so? Then follow us to the police station.. we'll see if it's a fake recording or so" The police man state
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10: The Heir's Gift
Mrs Watt was confused as she stared at the scene again.. Looking at the window, she believed she had seen a very familiar figure walk into a limousine.She felt it was Leo because having been with him for a while now, she was confident of recognizing him anywhere. But then again, she couldn't be so sure since it was night."What are you looking at?" Ray asked as they drove pass the scene. "Nothing much, I Just feel as though I've something...I saw someone walk into a limousine and I think it might he Leo"On saying that, Ray couldn't help but burst out into laugher "What Leo? In a limousine? Oh you must be extremely mistaken because there's no way that happening ""Right? I also feel so. I don't think it's him . Maybe I just detest him too much that I see him everywhere. How annoying " She stated."Exactly so don't even joke around with seeing him in a Limousine.. That's impossible "They said driving on. "Mother-in-law, how did you enjoy the shopping of today?""It was superb! Oh it
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