Chapter 2370 Conflicting Assignments

In Crystal Blue, Daryl is in his office looking at what he needs to buy for his restaurant.

“Well, we still have salmon. I can never stop missing it, otherwise, I’d go bankrupt, he, he.”

Suddenly, Daryl received an email from Kelvin.

“Hmm... How is my little brother? Has he met another girl and wants to tell me?”

Daryl opens the email and reads it. Then he gets mad...

On the other side, Josias is at his desk. Nadia is gone, a little dizzy from the brandy.

The desk phone rings and he answers, “Yes?”

“Mr. Rocha, Miss Lafayette managed to get into the taxi to return to the supermarket safely.” Pollyanna reports efficiently, “And now, Mr. Mountain needs to speak with you... Mr. Daryl Mountain.”

Josias smiles broadly, “Put the call through, Pollyanna.”

Pollyanna doesn’t understand Josias’s good humor but transfers the connection.

On the other side, Josias’s eardrums are almost pierced by Daryl’s high-pitched voice, “JOSIAS, you pervert! How dare you?”

Josias tries to hold back the giggles,
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