Chapter 2380 Exaggerated Precaution

In the lobby of the Teodoro building, Raymond decides to explain what is happening to a curious Beto.

He leans back against the counter, “I came to talk to Isabel about Flavia’s return. She is living with her parents, and Adolfo tells me that she is doing very well. I had the opportunity to see her a few times, and she even asked me about Reuben.”

The news should have been cause for joy, but Beto received it with caution and a suspicious look, “Hmm... Flávia left the asylum. And she wants to come back here?”

“She hasn’t come up with the idea yet, but I want to know how things are doing here in detail,” Raymond says.

“Reuben is growing up, becoming the exact copy of his father.” Beto sums up Reuben’s life perfectly, “And that’s what worries me.”

“Do you think Flávia will have memories of Uélton when looking at her son?” Raymond asks, analyzing how Beto reacted, “Do you think what motivated Flavia to get better was precisely being away from here and Reuben?”

“Well, I’m not a psychologis
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