The Unexpected Heir

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The Unexpected Heir

By: Estherace CompletedUrban/Realistic

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Bruce is seen as trash in Mr Chase's family. His wife was involved in a hit and run and he asked his Father for help but he refused and his in-laws tried to blackmail to sign over any inheritance he got so they could help him ,but before he could get the money it was too late because his wife died. He was offered money and a Mansion to bury the investigation of his wife but he refused to take the money and wanted justice for his wife,his wicked in-laws kicked him out of the house because of his refusal to accept the money and his Father abandoned him. In his state of despair he promised to find whoever killed his wife no matter the cost and make them pay. ***Excerpt from the book*** "Why would you want to ruin my life?You have become a monster like your grandfather." Mr Chase yelled and I burst out laughing causing Mr Chase to back away. I stared him dead in the eyes,no trace of a smile on my face. "Father,I will become your nightmare if you don't tell me who killed my wife." I said my voice low and calm, void of any emotion.

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    Hi dear readers. Thank you for reading.

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    nice book, a must read for everyone

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    Nice story.

    2024-01-04 00:10:17
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    nice story

    2023-11-21 15:28:21
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    very interesting story

    2023-07-28 19:55:32
  • Gargi Khatavkar


    the story is very interesting.waiting for the next update.

    2023-04-29 00:54:52
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    waiting on more chapters to slow on putting them out

    2023-06-06 10:29:09
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150 chapters
Chapter 1: Half brother
Everyone was silently seated at the dining table with their eyes closed as Mr Chase said a prayer.After he finished the prayer I waited for them to begin eating before I took my spoon to eat.It was always rare to eat with them, so I found it strange that I was invited to join them for a meal, but it was alright I could eat something delicious with them today.I dug in as I scooped a spoonful of porridge into my mouth and I immediately spat it out as I couldn't believe how salty it tasted. It tasted as if 500 grams of salt was poured into my bowl of porridge since everyone was eating theirs without any problem.Everyone seated on the table crawled up this face in disgust."Ew...what the heck Bruce why did you spit out your food!" Vera, my half sister, squealed.I heard someone slam his hand on the table and I turned to see Mr Chase, my Father angrily glaring at me."I said it that this ungrateful brat will never accept anything good offered to him!" He shouted at me while pointing an
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Chapter 2: Break up.
I got even more confused as I needed an explanation as to what was going on here."Laura I don't understand what's going on here, can we talk?'' I asked as I noticed that she frowned upon seeing me."Do you know him?" Philip asked Laura who shook her head and sighed audibly."He's my ex, please close the door." Laura said grumpily as she rolled her eyes and turned her back at me."Ex?"I asked, disbelievingly trying to process what she was saying but my mind was blank."Dude,I think you should leave."Philip said as tried to close the door but I held onto it , stopping him from closing the door."I am her boyfriend, not her ex . I need to talk to her! Philip, stay out of this!" I yelled at the man as we both pushed the door, trying to overpower the other. Philip, who was angrily glaring at me, was trying so hard to close the door but I was pushing the door as if my life depended on it."Open this door!"I yelled."Philip, what are you doing, shut the damn door before this mad man come
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Chapter 3: Arranged marriage.
My Father Mr Chase didn't want to listen to me and told me he won't care if Philip sued me for breaking into his apartment and hitting him and that is what Philip my half brother did.When my girlfriend Laura told me she moved into an apartment I was happy for her but I didn't know it was Philip who paid for the apartment.I can't believe she would do something like this to me. I was mopping the floor of the living room as I heard footsteps walking down the stairs and I paused for a moment and turned to the person walking down the stairs.Philip stopped in his steps as he stood still, our eyes made eye contact and his eyes hardened and I noticed him grip the stair rails tightly till his knuckles turned white.I just feel angry whenever I see him so I choose to ignore him but instead of walking out of the house like he wanted to, he climbed down the stairs and came to stand in front of me."I didn't know you were that stupid that you would even think Laura would date you." He said and
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Chapter 4: In laws.
I was frozen in place for a moment but Mr Chase gave me a little push and I snapped out of my thoughts, and he gave me a stern look.I think he was trying to remind me not to screw this up."Ah! Mr and Mrs Chase, you finally arrived." A middle-age man greeted us with a warm smile as he shook hands with Mr Chase then his wife, the middle aged man Mr Simon was accompanied by his wife and a young lady."This must be him." Mr Simon said as he turned his attention to me ,taking in my appearance and he nodded in approval as he walked over to where I was."Yes." Mr Chase replied with a smile.I haven't met Mr and Mrs Simon personally the last time I just met up with their daughter Dora for lunch so I know he doesn't know I was."Bruce."I said as I stretched out my hand for a handshake but he pulled me into an embrace and I was taken aback."Don't act like we are strangers, we will be family soon." He reminded me with a warm smile as he gave me a friendly pat on my shoulder.Everyone was watc
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Chapter 5: Accident.
It was my fault for coming here when I knew they were at lunch break,but she was right, what could I possibly do to them?I stopped at Dora's office door and knocked and I heard a come in before heading inside. Dora is the assistant to the chief financial officer and she does all the work because her sister Megan was the chief financial officer and barely comes to work but her parents would never say anything to her.I opened the door of her office and immediately I walked in and she saw me, her face brightened as she stood up and I closed the door behind me."What are you doing here today ,I thought you were sick?" She asked worriedly as she walked up to me and ushered for me to sit ,to which we both sat down on the couch in her office."Your mother told me that I was pretending to be sick. She told me to go and look for work." I said and Dora sighed and looked away."I thought I told her this morning before leaving for work to leave you alone because you are sick." Dora mumbled."J
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Chapter 6: Don't call me again.
"Bruce, didn't you hear me why I asked you not to call me ever again!" He yelled at me the moment the call connected and I flinched at the sound of his voice."I am sorry my wife got into an accident,I need your help, I don't know if I can endure this alone, can you come over to the hospital?" I asked him hoping that for once in his life my Dad would actually support me because I was scared of losing Dora and I heard him start laughing at my request."Are you stupid Bruce? I have told you I don't care what happens to you, let alone your wife. Call your in-laws to support you. I am sure they will gladly do so!" He snapped.I sighed,it was just my wishful thinking that he would come."I.... please can you send me money?" I asked him.Since he doesn't want to come he can at least send me money because I don't know how much I will spend going to the hospital and staying there."I knew that was the only reason you called, I don't give handouts,work if you want money." He hissed at me. "Y
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Chapter 7: I will sign it.
I could not believe my in-laws were this evil.It felt as if they knew that Dora would have an accident and I would ask them for money so they drafted out this contract.Did they just wait for me to come home and ask them for money when Dora might die any minute? Did they cause the accident? No matter how evil some parents can be, they can not possibly ask me to do this when their daughter's life depends on it."Wait let me get this straight, you knew if Dora's accident before I did ,then you waited for me to come home so you can ask me to to sign this contract instead of helping Dora who in critical condition and you as her parents are hit ashamed of yourself but instead you are trying to blackmail me?" I asked in disbelief and disgust."You can say what you like but we have only two children, Megan and Emily , Dora is only a child we adopted to gain public approval,we have tried to give her the best ,this would be her own way of replaying us at least we won't be at a loss if she c
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Chapter 8: Funeral.
My heart ached and my body hurt.I can't describe the amount of pain I feel right now as they lower her casket into the ground.I don't know how I was able to stand upright for the whole funeral. It's not as if anyone held onto me to support me. I was standing on my two legs when I heard my mother in law loudly sobbing.The funeral ended. I was more at a loss now and the next day was blurry to me but it didn't make me forget what was going on around me or what they said behind me.They called me the leeching husband that was going to be left homeless because his wife just died."Now that Dora is dead you need to start paying the bills she did so you can continue staying in this house if not you have to leave." Mrs. Simon's my wife's mother, told me that a day after my funeral.I understand she wanted me out of her family as soon as possible but to tell me this after my wife just died was just cruel.Since people have left she no longer has to put on the facade of a grieving mother s
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Chapter 9:Toxic family.
I went to the police station again today to lay a complaint about how they still haven't found was involved in the hit-and-run accident with my wife but I was not given a satisfactory answer they still haven't found the monster that hit my wife and run away she was just trying to walk across the road when the crosswalk light was green for her to walk past, but the bastard couldn't wait to drive his car and ran her over now she was dead and the person who hit her wasn't found.I can't help the feeling of dread and loneliness that washed over my body when I returned again today with no fruitful results to the investigation of the police. How can there not be any working CCTV camera placed on a crossroad?Who would even believe a lie like ,they are trying to hide something or someone went out of his way to destroy the evidence.I got into the house to see my mother-in-law ,sitting in the living room taking small sips from a glass of wine.When she saw me she scoffed."The wanderer has fi
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Chapter 10: Ten days.
Today was another day that just returned from the police station and the investigation was not yet fruitful. I saw Dora's parents sitting in the living room with a man when I returned back home."He came to see you." They informed me and I stopped and turned to them."Sit." I was told and I did.The man cleared his throat before speaking."You want to settle this out of court and we want to ask you to stop asking the police to investigate this matter further." He told me."Settle what?"I asked with a raised eyebrow."The hit and run accident of your wife ,how much will it cost you to forget about it?" He asked me."Are you insane?" I asked."You better take what he is offering you." Mr Simon told me."You stay out of this!" I yelled at him and he glared at me."Why didn't you bring the money when she was in the hospital bed and needed surgery?" I asked the man."We were not aware of it then." He said."Get out!" I yelled."What?" The man asked in surprise as he looked at my father in
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