Chapter 2381 The Fashion Show (1)

The day of the festival arrived.

To calm the nerves of those who bought tickets, Josias had to appear on Lisandro’s Show and earnestly ask everyone to think of the little children who would be disappointed if everyone asked for their money back.

And with Ivan (loving the publicity) stating that police security would be tightened, the citizens of Lagoon City grew calmer and decided to attend. There is no reason to panic.

The audience was calm, but the police did not have the same luxury. When the public started to show up at the arena, they had to queue and were surprised by the same metal detector booth found in Airports and Banks. Women had to open their purses and show that they weren’t carrying weapons. Teenagers who showed up dressed in rock or hip hop style were vigorously searched by tough police officers.

“Hey, cop, you’re rubbing my ass!” One of them complains.

“STILL!” The policeman barked in the same tone as the nearby German shepherd.

Other officers walked German Shepherds,
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