Chapter 2389 Interrogating Suspects

Days passed without Ivan or Amoreira discovering the author of the attack on Josias’s fashion show. However, they discover more and more about the victim, Cláudio Guzman.

After leaving the hospital with a cut on his head due to the beating he received from Olivia Vasquez, Ivan, with a bandage on his forehead, was now questioning one of Quantium’s art directors.

The man in his forties wearing glasses replied with a charming smile, “Cláudio Guzman, when he comes out of the coma – because he WILL, gentlemen, I believe so – will become an effective model in our agency. Isn’t that awesome?”

Ivan doesn’t think it’s awesome, but he needs to dance along with the song, “Hmm... very interesting, sir. I didn’t know Quantium Studios would hire anyone.”

The gentleman is nonconformist, “We aren’t talking about just anyone. Cláudio Guzman has the charisma and poise we look for in our models. He did well modeling for us, and he had success while on the runway at the Sunset Village arena. Yes, people
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