Top Expert in Floraville

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Top Expert in Floraville

By: Earth at Dawn OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Young man Seth Yeager learned various skills from his chief in the deep forests and mountains. However, he was later deceived into leaving the mountains. With his extraordinary medical skills and unparalleled martial arts abilities, he defeated all who dared to challenge him and became the dominant figure in the city.


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150 chapters
Chapter 1
Longford Kingdom, in a deep mountain forest in the north.“Chief, I’m back. Tonight’s dinner is hare meat.”In the deep mountain forest, there were several wooden houses.A teenager who looked sixteen or seventeen years old named Seth Yeager held onto several plump hares and leaped vigorously on the uneven rocks to reach the front of a wooden house.Seth had lived with Chief since he was a child, practicing martial arts, collecting herbs, learning medicine, and reading.Creak.Seth pushed the door open, and his face changed dramatically in the next second.He threw the hares in his hands away.On the futon was an elderly person sitting cross-legged, head drooped, and seemingly breathless.“Chief, Chief! What’s wrong?!”Seth was shocked.He first checked Chief’s wrist and found that there was no pulse.Seth quickly took out a silver needle and tried to do dry needling on Chief.‘It didn’t work!’He tried to pass his own energy over, but it was still useless.A strong feel
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Chapter 2
“Get lost, you stinky savage! Don’t you dare get in my car and don’t you dare touch my grandfather!”Sage raged like an angry little cat.Seth was furious. This woman must be crazy!He grabbed Sage’s hand and pulled her out forcefully.Sage struggled hard and screamed, “Ah, ahhh, let go of me, you stinky hooligan!”Smack! Smack!Seth did not tolerate her behavior, so he lifted her by the waist and gave her two hard beatings.Sage’s small body trembled, and she turned her head in disbelief. “How... How dare you!”Seth threw Sage to the ground and threatened her, “Shut up, or I’ll do something you might regret!“You can’t escape in this wilderness on your own, and even beasts can’t defeat me. So think carefully!”Sage was immediately terrified by him.However, Seth no longer bothered with her. He turned and went back to the car.First, he checked the old man’s pulse and nodded slightly. Then he disinfected a silver needle and swiftly inserted it into the old man’s trigger poi
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Chapter 3
Smack!A heavy slap landed on Sage’s face, causing her fair and tender skin to immediately swell.The crisp sound echoed, causing Jack and the two bodyguards to stare in shock.Sage covered her face, the intense pain and shame almost drove her crazy.She let out a sharp cry, “Ahhhhh! How dare you hit me?!”Seth ignored her and turned to Jack instead. “Your granddaughter’s lawless and doesn’t have respect for her elders. I taught her a lesson for you, any objections?”Jack smiled bitterly. “I dare not object. My granddaughter has indeed been too spoiled.”“Kill him, Gramps! Kill him now!” Sage’s voice became hysterical, on the verge of madness.She had never been slapped in her entire life.“Shut up!”Jack shouted, exuding some of his warrior aura. “It seems that I’ve spoiled you too much in the past. Apologize to Mr. Yeager immediately, or, from now on until you graduate from university, don’t expect to have a single penny of pocket money. “All your bank accounts will be f
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Chapter 4
Quincy walked up to the rooftop with his secretary. When he saw this scene, he immediately shouted, “Hold it!”The group of more than a dozen strong men stopped moving.“Dad?” Finley was taken aback. “What are you doing here?”Quincy asked, “What happened here?”Hence, Finley told Quincy what had happened in a low voice.There was a flash across Quincy’s eyes, his brain thinking quickly.He could more or else guess what had happened.Seth probably had happened to give Jack a hand but had offended Sage at the same time, leading to this situation.It had to be said that Quincy was indeed shrewd.Then, he waved his hand and said, “If that’s the case, carry on.”At this moment, Seth suddenly spoke up, “Are you Quincy Zachary?”This was the Herman Corp building and in Chief’s will, he had left some basic information about Quincy.Finley grew furious. “Are you someone who can call my father by his full name, you savage?!”Seth ignored him. “So it is you. That’s good. I came here
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Chapter 5
At the entrance of the store, a middle-aged woman pointed at Seth and cursed loudly, “Get out of here, and don’t hinder my business!”In her eyes, Seth, who was dressed in rags and carrying a backpack covered with many patches, was no different from a beggar.Seth said to her, “I’m not a beggar. I’m here to buy clothes. I have money.”The middle-aged woman crossed her arms and sneered, “How much money do you even have? Ten dollars, or twenty dollars? You can’t afford the clothes here.“Don’t come in and dirty my store.”Seth suppressed his anger and said, “I told you, I have money. Your store is open and you’re running a business. Why won’t you let me in?”The middle-aged woman became furious. “You’re still insisting, are you? If you don’t leave, I’ll make you!”As she spoke, she picked up a broomstick while staring fiercely at Seth. “Do you want to buy clothes, Mister? You can come over here instead.”At this moment, a soft voice sounded from the side.Seth turned his head
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Chapter 6
“The hospital called and my dad... Woo…”The girl cried out sadly and was struggling to leave. “No, I have to go to the hospital now.”Seth followed. “Let me go with you.”At this point, the girl no longer had her own judgment and simply wanted to get to the hospital as soon as possible.Meanwhile, Seth was the one who helped her close the store doors.They then hailed a taxi by the roadside.When they got in, Seth yelled at the driver, “The hospital, please hurry!”“Okay!”The driver stepped on the gas and the car rushed away.The girl shrieked and leaned forward suddenly, about to hit the front.Seth quickly reached out and tried to block her.However, his hand placement when he did this was iffy.He quickly retracted his hand and said, “Sorry, it was not intentional.”The girl shook her head, and although she would feel extremely embarrassed if it were any other time, her heart was solely focused on her father now.Suddenly, the driver cursed out, “D*mn it! The traffic
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Chapter 7
“Stop! You’re not allowed to do anything harmful to my patient!” The beautiful doctor was angry and it was a rare sight. Her eyes were sharp and fierce.Several male doctors also gathered around upon seeing Seth move.Seth could not be bothered by these guys and merely looked at the girl. “This is your father, you should decide whether or not you’d like to save him.”To treat a patient, one would first need the consent of their family.“I...Mister, please save him. We already know what the worst outcome will be. Please don’t make things difficult for him, doctors.”The beautiful doctor said with resentment. “Don’t let him deceive you, young lady. This guy doesn’t look like a good person!”“Shut up!”Seth suddenly yelled out.It was like a tiger roaring, and the whole ward was shaken. Except for the patient and the girl, everyone else’s mind went blank, the fear evident in their eyes.Seth snorted, “Even the family member had agreed, so what’s it to your people? Do you have the
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Chapter 8
Perhaps due to carelessness, Willow had forgotten to put away her undergarments.Seth coughed and looked away without doing anything.Instead, he sat cross-legged and began to practice the “Medicine King Scripture”.He had already reached the peak of the Ninth-ranked Warrior half a year ago, and he was a rare martial arts genius in this millennium.According to Chief, there was a whole new world above the Ninth-ranked Warrior. However, in the past six months, no matter how much Seth practiced, he could not make any progress.An hour later, Willow came back and started cooking.Soon, the aroma spread throughout the room.Seth stopped practicing and walked to the kitchen, where he saw Willow cooking earnestly.The scene was warm and cozy.Willow was undoubtedly a virtuous and lovely girl. While normal girls her age were still studying, she had to shoulder the burden of life. “Why are you here, Seth? The kitchen is smoky, so go and wait outside.”Seth shook his head and aske
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Chapter 9
At the front of the Zachary family’s mansion, it was extremely lively today.All the powerful figures in Jonesville had arrived, with all kinds of luxury cars parked outside.It was Josiah Zachary’s 80th birthday, and the guy was also a legendary figure. He was a Third-ranked Warrior with many industries under his name.In addition to Herman Corp, he also managed more than ten entertainment venues, and his connections were extremely wide.In Jonesville, the Zacharies could be considered a top-notch wealthy family.“Dawn's Real Estate has presented a pair of white jade and emerald.”“Integrity Antique has presented a string of rare prayer beads.”“Charles' Pawnshop had presented a pair of diamonds.”…At the door, the steward was continuously announcing the gifts from each household in a loud voice.Any one of these gifts was worth six figures.Finally, Seth arrived.He was carrying a black plastic bag with a cold face.As soon as he appeared, he immediately attracted many
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Chapter 10
Amidst the tension, Jack walked in from the outside. Immediately, everyone in the room stood up. The powerful aura emanating from Jack made the bodyguards hesitant to make any moves.“Ol’ Summer!” Josiah exclaimed in surprise and hurried over. “Why did you arrive?”Quincy was even more ecstatic. “Could it be that Mr. Summer is here to celebrate my father’s birthday?”Many guests looked at Josiah enviously upon hearing this.This was such a huge honor for him to have Jack come personally to celebrate his birthday!If the Zacharies were considered snakes, then Jack was a giant dragon. Crushing the entire Zachary family would just be lifting a finger for him.Facing Josiah’s outstretched hands, Jack’s face turned cold, and instead of shaking his hands, he rebuked, “Who do you think you are? You’re not even worthy of shaking hands with me.”Josiah’s smile froze.Many guests were also in an uproar, wondering what was going on.Ignoring Josiah’s displeased expression, Jack walke
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