Chapter 2423 The Next Mrs. Rocha?

Josias and Francisco continue to talk about the letter.

“Francisco, first of all, I don’t want you to be mad at Reuben.”

“Reuben?” Francisco squints.

“That’s right.” Josias gestures, “He was just trying to help.”

“How Reuben wrote a letter to Shirley—” Francisco choked on the words, widening his eyes as if to say ‘I get it,’ “...He took the previous letter I threw in the trash.”

“He read the first letter and was outraged by Shirley’s boldness.” Josias tries to smooth over the situation, “So he reached out to me, and I suggested he impersonate you, replying to the letter to ask Shirley not to come here.”

“And now, she’s suspicious of the letter’s legitimacy and wants to come back to town to see me!” Francisco complains, “This is absurd, Josias! You two should have left the matter alone!”

Josias crosses his arms, “Did you read the previous letter, Francisco?”

“No, I crumpled it up into a ball of paper and threw it in the trash!”

“That was your mistake.” Josias snaps his fingers, “You di
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