The Billionaire's Revenge

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The Billionaire's Revenge

By: Hare Ra CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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His parents were killed before his eyes when he was only 12 years old, thus making him grow up in an orphanage. Darren returns to his city and works as a cleaner at a company. However, who would have thought that the owner of the company asked him to marry his daughter, and it turned out to cover up the shame of the princess, who was pregnant without a husband? During his time as son-in-law in the Martano family, Darren continued to work at the company and was also obliged to do housework. Darren is seen as nothing more than a helper. He always gets insults, even though he is considered a parasite. Until that day, Darren remembered that before his father died, he had given him a document. And his father asked Darren to open the document when he was 23 years old. It turned out to be several letters of land ownership and also deposits in a bank with a value of trillions. With the assets left by his father, Darren finally succeeded in establishing a large company and becoming a respected businessman. Until Darren managed to get all his revenge on the people who hurt him, No one even dared to find trouble with him!

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  • Angeline Howe


    beautifully written

    2023-07-04 02:21:32
  • Pedro


    The author aleays confused the female pronuon She with He. The author needs to pay more attention to details

    2023-09-18 05:12:00
  • Princeportis Uzor


    Good company

    2023-08-01 00:51:10
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163 chapters
Chapter 1
"Kill them all! Don't let any of them live!""Noooo!"Bught!A deadly kick hit Darren's buttocks, and it sent him tumbling to the cold floor.Darren sighed heavily; the nightmare had come back. Even after ten years had passed, the dream where the criminals killed his parents continued to decorate his nights.Yes, at that time Darren was only 12 years old when, in the middle of the night, their house was visited by several masked people who killed everyone in the house. And at that time Darren managed to escape, after reluctantly obeying his father's orders, who asked him to run away immediately.Darren managed to hide in an empty drum behind his house, so that the criminals could not find him. Because none of his family members were left and Darren also did not know where his parents' extended family was, he was finally treated at an orphanage.The murder of his parents was allegedly due to debt problems; it was stated in the trial that Darren's father had a large debt to a businessma
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Chapter 2
“No buts!" Gia shouted then and left Darren, who just looked down, lethargic, while continuing to clean up the shards of the flower vase."Just let me finish it, Bi," Darren said to Asih.Darren felt so tired from the endless work. Before going to work, he does homework and will continue with other work after he comes home from work. Even Darren's rest time was only a few hours."Sir, just let Auntie." All of this is not your job, especially since you are the son-in-law in this house," said Bi Asih, who felt sorry for Darren.Bi Asih felt sorry for Darren, even though it was the Martano family who needed him, but they never valued him."It's just a formality, Ms. So that the child who is born will have a father, even though in time he will definitely know that I am not his biological father," Darren replied, smiling."That's why they should be thanking you. Instead of torturing you like this, say this,"said Asih slowly."Fine, later it will be seen that if we talk, you will get in tro
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Chapter 3
"What's this?" asked Darren again, looking surprised.Darren then took his cellphone and took a photo of all the documents. He would save them.With his hands still shaking, Darren returned to cleaning the room. He will still finish it, even though his mind is full of question marks."Why is there this document? What is the relationship?" Darren asked, still curious. He even looked at the documents he had photographed several times.Darren finally finished his work this morning, and he returned to the place where they usually gathered after finishing all his work.Darren looked back at the documents he had photographed earlier, and again he reflected on everything. Daze was a company owned by his parents that they used to own, and all of that disappeared after the incident. And after that, it's all gone. Not only is Darren missing, but he also doesn't know anything. Because he is busy moving on with his life. He doesn't even care anymore, and he forgets everything because he has to g
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Chapter 4
"A will?" Darren asked softly while holding the letter with hands that were still shaking.There was disbelief at what he was reading today, and all this time he had just kept the letter in his wallet. Luckily, all is still in good condition.Again, Darren continued reading the message, but before that, he turned off his cellphone. Right now, he didn't want to be disturbed by anyone. Let him face the anger of Renata and Gia, his mother-in-law."Sorry," Darren muttered as he put his cell phone in his trouser pocket."Meet Arras Samuel at the Ambassador Bank. [Bring this letter.]'His father asked Darren to meet someone named Arras Samuel, and that made Darren quite dizzy. This is because Bank Duta in this city has several branches."Which branch should I go to?" Darren asked quietly."But is this true?"Darren was still engulfed in a profound ape account, and he still wasn't sure about everything. However, what surprised him was that he received the letter directly from his father. Thi
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Chapter 5
Darren, who was already angry, banged the table hard."You!" shouted Kodir angrily and pointed at Darren, but Darren, who was covered with anger, no longer cared."Why? Why do you always hold back my leave? I am also the same as the others—an employee who has the right to leave!" replied Darren, no less angry."Don't think that you, Martano's son-in-law, can work as well as you do!"Kodir, who felt cornered by Darren's answer, took Martano instead. Even though all Darren wanted was just one day off. However, Kodir's response was greatly exaggerated."Sir, I just want one day off! So far, I have always been a backup for other people who are on leave; whoever the cleaning service is on leave, it is my duty to replace them. But this time I only ask for one day, sir!" replied Darren."This is all because of Martano's orders!" Kodir said then.Darren's blood was boiling when he heard what Kodir said, because it was his father-in-law who asked Kodir to torture him at work, and he was not al
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Chapter 6
"Who?" Darren asked again with deep curiosity.Arras sighed heavily; he seemed hesitant to say it. "Martano and Buston."Darren's blood stopped flowing when he heard the answer from Arras. How not? The person who ruined his life was very close to him. Even now, she is a servant for that person."Meaning this is the connection," Darren muttered as he took his cell phone out of his trouser pocket. He looked back at the documents he had archived on his cell phone. "He's the mastermind."Darren's hands clenched, and his jaw set. "I must repay him!"Seeing Darren's significant change made Areas look surprised because Darren's face seemed to show something when he saw his cell phone."What's wrong? Did something happen?" Arras asked quietly.Darren then thrust his cell phone towards Arras, asking the middle-aged man to read what he found a few days ago, and that's why Darren was in this room."Don't be hasty, because this can also destroy you," Arras said later after he heard Darren's story
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Chapter 7
Darren flinched hearing what Martano said; even that face was full of intimidation, like the one he met yesterday afternoon."But I--""Shut up!"Martano snapped at Darren, causing not only Darren to be silent but everyone who was there. This was the first time they had heard of Martano's anger; he had so far seemed indifferent to lowly employees like them."I really didn't take anything!" Darren answered firmly. He did not accept being carelessly accused answered firmly. He did not accept being carelessly accused. "Even though I don't know what you guys mean, I was just sitting here with all the assignments you gave me!"This time Darren really couldn't hold himself back; he was silent about all the excessive burdens he had to work on all this time, but when it comes to his pride with accusations of theft, he won't just keep quiet!"Why are you overreacting so much?" asked Martano, smiling cynically at Darren. "You react as if you know what file is missing."Darren took a deep breath
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Chapter 8
"You!"Martano shouted angrily when he saw Darren tearing the paper. "What are you doing? You really want to die?"Darren glared at Martano. This time he wouldn't be afraid of anything: "Why do I have to sign something I don't understand? If I owned a company, I wouldn't be here as a cleaning service!"It turned out that Darren did not admit that he was the heir of PT. Daze.Yes, the stamped paper given by Martano contained the transfer of rights from Daze's legal heir to Martano. And it's clear that Martano actually knows who Darren is, maybe because Darren's name contains Zervano.And now Darren knows that Martano is still trying to get that right legally, even though they have changed their name. And it could be that it is an attempt by Martano to completely control Daze from Buston."Don't mess with me!" Martano shouted, pulling Darren's neck. "You are the son of Rudi Zervano, right?" asked Martano then.Darren smiled wryly. "You have my data, starting from employee data and also
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Chapter 9
"Gosh, you coward!" Darren just kept cursing. He was very annoyed with what Martano did; it was not gentle.Kodir, who caught the paper that Darren threw, seemed to be reading its contents, then muttered, "Shooted like that?"Darren smiled sarcastically at Kodir. "What should I do? After wronging someone and defaming someone's name, what should I do with you guys?" asked Darren again, loudly, making Kodir speechless."N-not like that," Kodir replied, stuttering."What?!" asked Darren with a shout while packing up all his things.His colleagues could only see what happened because they also did not expect Darren to be fired, and there was no official statement whether Darren was the one who stole or not. "But if you see how Darren dared to fight and was angry, that means Darren wasn't the culprit," they whispered.Darren looked at them by pulling the corners of his lips into a perfect smile: "Not a single file was lost; we were just tricked by them. They only wanted to set me up for a
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Chapter 10
"Don't joke, because it's not funny!" Gia shouted with a chuckle.He felt that Darren's dream was too grandiose because he knew how poor Darren's life was and that he would not be able to support Renata.Darren could only shake his head: "I've never lied, nor have I joked. I'll take Renata out of this house, and you won't be able to dictate to me or Renata anymore!" Darren answered firmly.Darren also knows that Renata's life with her parents is not going well either. Renata is often used as bait to bait Martano's business partners. Even though it hasn't reached the stage of being sold yet, Renata is often invited to meet her colleagues as a display. And also, Renata has to follow their wishes; even the college majors are arranged by them.And the Martano family felt cheated when Renata became pregnant, because all this time they had given Renata freedom, but that didn't mean that Renata had a relationship with just anyone. Nanun, it turns out that Renata rebelled indirectly with her
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