Chapter 2438 Transfer as Punishment

“CALL THE POLICE!” Daryl springs to his feet, “Have the doormen call the damn police NOW!”

“But why, father, why?” Felipe is intrigued.

“Do as I say, son, tell the gatekeepers to call the police!” Daryl screams at the top of his lungs, turning off the radio in a rage.

“Do you know this old woman? Is she really my grandmother?” Felipe insists.

Daryl tries to snatch the mouthpiece from Felipe’s hands to quickly order a paddy wagon. But Felipe is stubborn and won’t let his father catch it. Both fight until Diane shows up.

“What’s going on here?”

“Mom, Dad wants to call the police on a helpless old lady!” Felipe complains.

“IT’S SHIRLEY, IT’S MY MOM!” Daryl becomes hoarse when he screams violently.

“Oh damn!” It’s Diane who grabs Felipe’s mouthpiece when she sees him distracted, “Hello, HELLO? Don’t let her in! I repeat: DO NOT LET HER IN!”

The doorman speaks in an apologetic tone, “We’re sorry, Mrs. Mountain. The lady here has properly identified herself and has already taken the elevato
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