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He was a delivery man for a small company, on his third year marriage anniversary he got a divorce letter from his wife and she drove him out of her house, then he realised that right from the very beginning she never loved him and she saw him as a cheap pauper and a plague to her life. Just when he wanted to completely give up on life, a fleet of cars stopped in front of the bar, he was at, and a man dressed in a black suit walked up to him "Good day young master" ******** He was once a cheap pauper, but now he is a man every man fears, he is bent on making everyone that looked down on him pay. Even to those who bullied his family and killed those he loved so much. This is the story of a relentless young man whose only language is REVENGE, and he is calculative on achieving it

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13 chapters
The divorce
Chapter 1: The divorce Dimitri smiled at the old man as he took the red necklace box from his hand."Thank you" He said to the old man with a smile on his face. Today was his third year marriage anniversary and also his wife's birthday, so he thought of giving her a gift. They've been married for three years and he had never given her a gift so this time around he had saved up and deprived himself of so many things just to get her this gift.He was working as a delivery man for a small company and his pay wasn't enough to even get him lunch, not to talk of buying a gift for his wife so he had to take on extra shifts as well as do other mini jobs just to give him enough money to buy his wife a gift.He looked at the red necklace box on his hand and smiled deeply, though it only cost one hundred and fifty dollars but to him it was worth more than a billion dollars.He wished he had gotten something more expensive for her, but this was what he could afford."Who ever you're getting thi
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A sudden change of status
Chapter 2Dimitri walked along the street as he kept on meditating on what happened a few minutes back. Few hours ago, he was so excited about bringing a gift to his wife and now he is divorced to that same person with the love he had for her converted to hatredHis phone rang continually but he kept on hanging up because he didn't know what to say to the caller. He was heavily indebted but he didn't have the slightest idea of how to pay up his debts.And he wondered if he could still stay alive for a day. He picked up his wallet from his pocket to check the amount of cash he had on him and he was just having fifty dollarsHe hurried to a roadside bar and sat on one of the chairs trying to plan his next move."Dimitri, what are you doing here?" A young man said coming out of the bar and walking towards him with a frown on his face."I'm here to take some drinks, I need to clear my head" He said absentmindedly, oblivious of the stain look the man gave him"You still have the guts to co
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knowing the truth
Chapter 3Dimitri walked out of the meeting room and walked along the hallway, feeding his eyes with the artist drawing on the wall while Mr Aaron and two other blue suited men followed him from behind "You seem to appreciate the artistic work on the wall," Mr Aaron said with a smile.Dimitri stopped at a painting which had the clear view of a mother breastfeeding her child "I love and appreciate art, it creates a special feeling in the heart of those who understands the message it sends" He said and turned over to face Mr Aaron "I noticed my mother changed her last name from Nicholas to steel why is that?" He inquired "Your mother was never supposed to marry your father because she was betrothed to the popular Mexican drug Lord, Eliandro Cassano. But because he was into cocaine pushing and illegal under world business, she ran away from home where she met your father and fell in love with him, but when he picked up the habit of cheating on her she ran back to her father and agreed
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His comeback
Chapter 42 YEARS LATERMr. Aaron sighed in tiredness as he patiently waited for Dimitri to come outside the house. They had a flight to catch twenty minutes from now, yet Dimitri was not out of the house yet.The door of the house opened and a young man with a pointed nose, well carved beards, and hair wrapped in a ponytail walked out of the house.He was wearing a white short sleeve navy tapered fit polo shirt making his muscles come out and his abs well seen even behind the fitted clothes he wore, he also wore a grey Nike tech fleece jogger along side a white brandless sneakers given him the aura of a modelMr. Aaron was surprised by Dimitri's new appearance. His hair was well-groomed and neater than it was two years ago.His abs could be clearly seen, making Mr. Aaron cringe at the thought of ladies seeing him right now. Two years ago, he had a pot belly, but now he was looking like a runway model"Good day young master" Mr Aaron bowed respectfully."Get in the car," Dimitri said,
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The bet
Chapter 5The Dablize five-star hotel was filled with expensive cars. Billionaires and celebrities came out of these cars, leaving everything they were doing to honour the invitation of the richest company in Anatolia.Everyone was eagerly waiting for the announcement of the new president of the steel group and potential chairman of the board. But the majority guessed it would be no other person than Damien Cassano, the son of Mrs. Steel and Eliandro Cassano.They had the impression that he was the first son of the family, unaware of the family's hidden secrets.After getting out of the taxi, Dimitri walked towards the entrance of the Dablize five star hotel, only to be stopped by the gatekeeper."What are you doing here, young man? This place is not for beggars, so get out. " The gatekeeper said with a frown on his face."What do you mean by that? I was invited to this party" Dimitri said, irritated by how the gatekeeper looked down on him.The gatekeeper scanned him from head to toe
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An unexpected gift
chapter 6Lyda looked at Dimitri mockingly, "I can't waste my time waiting for someone who isn't going to come, accept defeat, get on your knees then apologise, it's that simple" She said to Dimitri a little angry.Dimitri ignored her as he maintained his calm demeanour, if she truly understood him for the years they were married then she would have known that he isn't a man to claim something that isn't true. Indeed, he wasted three years of his life with someone who just thought of him as a tool to get what she wants from her father.He looked at his wrist watch and smiled "He would be here in the next one minute"Raymond raised his eyebrows in amusement, he wondered why a man who isn't capable of having Mr Aaron's gatekeeper number would claim to have his number "I think you should accept defeat" Raymond said "Why should he?" A voice sounded from behind them making Dimitri smile, even if he didn't turn to look at the person, he knew who it was.Lyda opened her eyes in surprise "Ce
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An unexpected gift II
Chapter 7Dimitri walked to the kitchen as Mr Aaron followed him from behind. The kitchen was filled with different chefs working out exhaustively to make sure that the party was going smoothly."Listen up everyone" Mr Aaron said walking into the kitchen."This is Nicholas, the new chef, he would help with the cooking and serving make sure to treat him well" Mr Aaron said and attempted walking away when Mr Brown the head chef stopped him with his words"But sir, I don't need another chef, I'm okay with the workers I have," Mr Brown said.Mr Aaron frowned broadly as he walked to Mr Brown with daring steps "Don't ever question my words or go against my words again. Trust me, you don't want to offend someone you shouldn't" He said and walked away.Dimitri smiled inwardly, one of the major reasons he liked Mr Aaron was the way he handles issues, rattling clear and meticulous. "Hey you! You shouldn't just stand there doing nothing, get yourself busy, would you? We have lots of guests pres
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The game, just began
Chapter 8Damien and Vincent walked elegantly into the hall as all eyes were on them"Wow they're so handsome" A young teenage girl said outloud "I love the one with less tattoos, he has a graceful demeanour, we would make a great match" The other said shamelessly They both ignored the unblushing comment, coming from the girls"Vincent, don't be carried away by the smiling faces of these fools here, they might look innocent but most of them are beast covered in sheep clothing, keep your guard up and don't forget why we are here" Damien said coldly."You're being too serious big bro, enjoy the party and keep watch of the target that's all, you don't have to draw too much attention to yourself" Vincent said and parted his brother playfully."Good day young master Damien and young master Vincent, it's great to have you back" Mr Aaron said walking towards them as he bowed respectfully.Damien frowned broadly as he saw Mr Aaron, even if Mr Aaron was a mere servant he knew Mr Aaron was not
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Who are you to mess with my woman?
CHAPTER 9Dimitri sipped his coffee as he looked at Mr Aaron with no expression on his face. "How is my mother?" He asked with concern in his face. After the anniversary he didn't wait to see the reaction of the dignitaries because he already predicted how they would react after he left. He just went on to put some finishing touches on his next plan "She is okay, young master. She is presently at your safe house" Mr Aaron answered with a smile, which Dimitri did not reciprocate. "But young master, there is a little problem," Mr Aaron said, moving uncomfortably on his chair. Dimitri raised his eyebrow and gave him a questioning look "And what is that?" "Due to what happened at the anniversary, the board members have asked to have a meeting with you and your step brothers alongside your mother, the chairman of the company" Mr Aaron said, knowing fully well that Dimitri never wants his identity revealed and his mother endangered. Dimitri smirked as he sipped his coffee again. "The
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CHAPTER 10Mr Aaron gasped in shock as he looked at the person that was standing metres away from him. It was no other person than Damien Cassano, his young master.Dimitri was also shocked at who he saw. Why was Damien in the cafe? Why did he call the woman he rescued his woman? What exactly is he missing from the whole scenario"I asked a question, who are you to mess with my woman?" Damien asked again impassively.Dimitri shrugged his shoulders, regaining his stance as if he never lost consciousness for a second. He looked at Damien coldly and walked towards him compulsively "I don't care if she is your woman, she is indebted to me and she would have to pay" He said calmly, but his voice was capable of sending chills to anyone who heard it including Damien. "Then I would tell my men to send you the money," Damien said irritatedly. On a normal day he wouldn't have even bordered on giving Dimitri the money, he would have killed him right on the spot but because of the scandal raised
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