Chapter 2437 Should I Call the Police?

Josias wakes up, stretching and smiling, ready to face another day at work. His left hand touches his sleeping wife.

He smiles at her, barely believing his new situation. Now they are officially married!

How is Kelvin doing?

Shaking his head, Josias gets up and goes to the bathroom.

Melissa’s alarm clock goes off and she wakes up against her will, “Oh... The dream was so good...”

Josias’s cell phone rings. Melissa goes to the side where Josias sleeps and sees the device with Octavio’s number on the caller ID.

She decides to answer it, intrigued, “Hello, Octavio. A little early for business, don’t you think?”

Octavio, on the other hand, is surprised to be answered by Melissa, “Oh, Melissa, I’m sorry I woke you up. I assumed Josias was nearby.”

“And you guessed correctly.” Melissa yawns, “He’s already up and in the bathroom, probably brushing his teeth so he can talk to you with minty breath.”

Octavio gives a nervous chuckle, “OK, ask him to call me back. He knows what it’s about.”

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