Chapter 2462 Knowing Better

Teresa notices that Beto is grimacing in pain.

“Honey, is your heart hurting again? Do you want some medicine? Do you want to go to the doctor?”

Before, Teresa would ask these questions in a desperate tone, but as she now knows her husband’s condition, she is speaking as if she were a mother coaxing her son.

Beto takes a deep breath and relieves himself, “It was just a scare, dear. But indeed, it’s almost time to take another pill. I think all this emotion of my little sister leaving...”

“Yes, we need to take it slow. She asked me to let you know if anything happens.”

Beto smiles, “She’s probably still unpacking and unboxing things in her new house. Let’s let her get settled in first.”

Teresa smiles at him, calmer. She goes to the counter drawer and takes out the pill pack, “So, shall we buy the computer?”

“Yes, let’s go, I want to leave things more modern for when Pedro takes over the building.” Beto takes the card, nodding.


At the Mountain Penthouse, Daryl enters Felipe’s roo
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