The tormented son-in-law's payback time

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The tormented son-in-law's payback time

By: Brianwrites OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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After surviving a death trap from his own brothers Brian picked up his life and started all over with his life. However he was despised by his in-laws and no one wanted him at his place of work. Life became more daunting and he was going to lose his wife as well. At the verge of giving up Brian got lucky and vowed to get back at those who trampled on his dignity.

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Chapter 1
The house boy"It's after five" Samantha should be home by now" Walking down the hallway Brian reached out for his cell phone just to put a call through to her, he tried a few times but there was no answer."Maybe she's still got work to do," he said to himself.Getting closer to the room he heard the sound of the TV, he took a deep breath, adjusted his shirt, and entered."Welcome home babe" Brian grinned at his wife Samantha sitting on the couch in front of him, Samantha lifted her hands and politely waved. Staring at Samantha's bright eyes and luscious lips, Brian thought to himself " I still get butterflies anytime I look at her. Samantha's beauty is undeniable but that's not why I love her. She's the most driven woman I've ever met, I mean just in a few years alone she had worked her way up from the assistant to being the boss herself she's just so wonderful."Hey Briannnn" a woman can only be described as basic chimed, Brian's thoughts evaporated as he nodded to his wife's
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Chapter 2
The ultimatum"Damn!! I'm late for work. Hey old one I'll finish this up after work you should go home now the weather isn't good for your health" The old man nodded in response. He watched Brian as he ran off to work and smiled. Brain prefers to call Mr. Robert the old one since he's very old and still does most of the cleaning in the neighborhood, he would pick around till he's tired and he doesn't skip a day. Brian couldn't take it he wondered how an old man would take it upon himself to clean the neighborhood when he's not being paid so before going to work, he would stop to help the old man with everything he treats him like his grandpa they both play and joke a lot they had grew to like each other so well.Brian straightened his tie and brushed his hand down at the front of his suit before pushing open the door of the business director's office at the clair group."How many times have I told you to knock on the door before you come in!" " how hard is it to remember hun?" snapp
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Chapter 3
My wife!When everyone heard the most impossible task on Brian's hands they began to look at one another dumbfoundedly, although they knew that Edward was determined to get rid of Brian they never expected him to be so ruthless by demanding the young man to sell one hundred properties in less than twenty-four hours.The most property that the company has ever sold was a combined effort among the entire staff to sell sixty-nine properties and it took them three weeks so selling a hundred in a day was an unrealistic goal.Soon enough news of the challenge spread and everyone was talking about it, Samantha couldn't help but step out of her office. Although she knew that Edward was deliberately making things difficult for her husband and she didn't like it, she still greeted her sales manager with a forced smile."Mr. Edward ain't you being a little impractical? She asked."Do you think those numbers are actually…….""Don't say anything director Samantha" Edward interrupted coldly."It w
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Chapter 4
Good luck.Brian was surprised at the sight of what he saw when he got to Mr. Roberts's house, he thought it was a family reunion but judging from their dressing they looked like they came for business approval from the old man and they were all seated around a table as old as it was all coordinated before Mr. Robert, every one of them came with their cars; they were all the latest cars. Brian was confused "What could be the identity of the old one these are no ordinary people" he wondered."Welcome my son, have your seat here right beside me". He said tapping a seat close to him as he gave Brian a pleasant smile.Brian couldn't utter as he took his seat close to the old man."Yes as I was saying" Mr Robert continued."As you all know it's time for me to retire as I don't have much time left, yes! I don't have any family left but then I have a son. I'm sure that most of you would be surprised, well I call him my secret weapon and he will be in charge of everything I have."Brian watc
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Chapter 5
The blacklist.While they were all confused Brian smiled with his legs crossed, he took out his and directly called Bill Collins the corporation's president.His tone was full of arrogance as he ordered Bill to meet him in the lobby downstairs within three minutes.Brian's action made manager Henry Powell and the two front desk staff freeze in shock they looked at one another dumbfoundedly.They looked at Brain and how he was dressed, and marveled at his audacity.Then one of the women began to snicker. Soon the three of them started laughing at Brian.Henry was overjoyed at the foolishness of the young man and he couldn't control his laughter."You want to sell the boss a hundred properties?" I'll tell you what if you successfully sell the boss a hundred properties as you said, I'll kneel and lick your shoes in front of everyone".Brain's eyes widened in shock seeing how he was being underrated by everyone."Lick my shoe? That's extreme" Brian took a look at how torn and shabby his
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Chapter 6
The bad news Samantha was shocked, she gaped at Brian with her unshaped eyes. That was the first time in her memory that Brian had been angry enough to shout at her.Instantly a strong feeling of resentment rose in her heart."Brain, are you a man or not because you are beginning to think otherwise".She started throwing questions at him"How dare you be mean to me now !?""Have you ever stopped to think about why I might be doing this?" "Are you really foolish? Do you really think I would need to compromise myself like this if you had even the slightest bit of skills at your job? Was there a need to degrade me like this?" Samantha lamented soberly.Brain lowered his head in shame, he was well aware of how many times Samantha had taken the flak for him during the years he had been in the family.Hearing Samantha sobbing Brian's heart softened and his anger dissipated. He tried to reach out and hug her to comfort her but she pushed him away.'Don't touch me"! She barked.I'm really
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Chapter 7
The surprise salesThomas looked appreciatively at Brian, previously he was worried that Brian was only after a stake in his inheritance.Samantha cursed angrily at her husband. "you are pathetic," she said. " aren't you the one who told me not to allow myself to be bullied? You're just too weak".She angrily left the table and returned to her bedroom, Brian followed her immediately and soon Samantha's indignant voice could be heard again as she continued to berate her husband from the bedroom.James didn't take it to heart, but when he saw that his parents seemed pretty disappointed, he said" Dad, Mom, don't worry about it although Brian is a waste of space but at least his cooking isn't so bad".Later that night Brian got up from bed and walked to Samantha's bedside, knelt down next to her.He felt sorry for her when he saw that she was still frowning even though she was asleep and there were traces of tears on her face.He strode her hair and mumbled, " Samantha, moving out of here
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Chapter 8
You are fired!Edward was so shocked that he had angered Mr Collins."Who is in charge here"? Who is this little jerk's superior?"Everyone looked at George, he was also dumbfounded that Brian and Collins seemed to know each other, he couldn't believe it even though the truth was right in front of him.He walked over stiffly and when he was face to face with Collins whom even his father had a fawn over, he forced a smile "My name is George Smith and I'm an executive here at the Claire group may I ask…."."Cut the crap and get someone to help me," Collins interrupted." I brought the money so let's get the transaction moving".He then glanced disdainfully at Edward and said" One more thing, I don't wanna see this man here ever again".Edward was shocked his face turned pale as he looked at his boss to hear his reply."Yes sir, understood," George said quickly. He waved to Edward while he instructed all other employees to go through the procedures for Collins."Let's go, you won't be wo
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Chapter 9
My dream carSorry this place is too small for me and the people in here are too petty and spiteful I have zero interest in staying here any longer.When Samantha looked at Brian she saw that he seemed like he didn't care about anyone there, and she was surprised at the change in him.Those who had jeered previously kept quiet as they were afraid.Brian reached out and touched Samantha's chin affectionately, he smiled and asked, "What about you? Do you wanna come with me?".She nodded but then remembered that there were still customers who needed to speak to her so she said, "Um .I. .I still have some clients to deal with"."all right then, I'll pick you up at the end of the day". He said and bailed out.As she watched him walk away, she steeled her resolve and stood up straight. Then, with trembling hands, she sent a message to a good friend."He really didn't lie to me this time, can you believe it? I got a surprise that was both wonderful and shocking".Samantha realized she had lo
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Chapter 10
The good and and news."What do you mean it's mine, how much did you pay? How can we ever afford this, even the insurance must cost a fortune. We have better things to spend money on than a luxury car"."Hey, take it easy". He said placatingly " I didn't mean to upset you, I actually got a good deal on it, I made them a low ball offer and they accepted it. Trust me, we can afford this. I remember before we were married you once told me that this was your dream car. I've kept that in mind and I've wanted to buy you one for a long time"."Sweetheart for the past few years I've owed you a nice gift, and today I can finally give it to you". He pulled her into his arms and she looked up at him as her anger receded. A complicated mix of animosity and love swirled within her heart, and she felt tears prick at the corners of her eyes.She pushed her way out of the embrace."well I guess I can accept this gift from you but next time before you do something like this".....Don't worry there w
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