Chapter 2463 Vomiting Contempt

At Rocha Constructions, Josias comments about Rosemary not being Beto’s daughter as if he knew the truth, but he still doesn’t. Still, the mere mention made William momentarily tense.

“Really? Jeremiah wasn’t that annoying guy who stalked you and worked at the auto repair shop with my Dad?”

“Yes, the rapist who was lynched.” Josias hides that it was Tiago’s ‘boys’ who did it, “But Beto assumed paternity just in time to avoid Wallace trying again with Pamela. It even seems like it was scripted.”

William decides to change the subject before he can’t take it anymore and confesses everything, “So, Josias, I came here to talk about another subject. If you’re not interested, you can dismiss me.”

Josias takes a sip of the brandy and smiles. When has he NOT been interested in helping his protegés?

“Tell me, Will.”

“It’s about the articles your brother is doing. I could very well leave you in the dark and repeat one of my wars. But this time, I want to do something different. Did you read the
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