Chapter 2472 No Action Plan

At Rocha Mansion, Melissa meets Caroline getting ready to go out with friends to the mall. She was wearing Calvin Klein jeans and a boat neck blouse from Vasconcelos Tecidos. Sitting at the dressing table, Caroline was applying lipstick and the makeup kit was available.

“Wow, daughter, what a cool look!” Melissa approaches, “Are you going out?”

“I arranged with some friends via chat,” Caroline responds as she finishes sliding the lipstick across her lips.

“And is Sofia Vasquez included?” Melissa sits on her bed.

“No, because she’s not part of my circle of friends,” Caroline answers coldly. She opens the case, takes a cotton swab, chooses an eyeshadow color, and applies it to her eyelids.

“What a shame. I talked to your brother.” Melissa tries to be cautious, “He definitely takes after Josias, Carol. He hopes the two of you become friends. And I feel like Sofia is different from her parents.”

“Why didn’t you invite her Mom to this year’s fashion festival?” Caroline asks arrogantly.

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