Chapter 2481 No One Expected This

At Marçal Publishing, Maggie and Bernardo talk about family dramas.

“Dear, your mother-in-law keeps insulting you, saying that Henry is not your son.” Maggie crosses her arms, “We need a foolproof plan to shut her up once and for all.”

Bernardo smiles at the corner of his mouth, excited by the idea, “Yes, dear, you’re right. Nowadays, DNA testing is very fashionable, right? Let’s do it with our blood, and rub the result in her face.”

Maggie applauds like a little girl, “I love your sense of humor, honey!”

Maggie gets up and leans over the desk to kiss her husband.

Henrique enters at this moment, “Hey, children are watching!”

Maggie and Bernardo laugh heartily.

“Son, how’s the typing course doing?” Bernardo asks, calling his son closer.

“I’m doing fine. So good that my colleagues are jealous,” Henrique complains, “They take revenge by saying that I don’t have a father, but a grandfather.”

Maggie stops laughing. How disrespectful!

Bernardo, aware that comments like this would arise, car
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