The Return of Prince Ace.

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The Return of Prince Ace.

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" What! That poor and wretched pauper is Prince Ace and the heir of the Ace family? " The whole house of the Forrest family were shocked to their bones when they discovered that their poor ex-son-in-law, David Brighton who they had maltreated, humiliated and thrown out of their home is the true heir to the trillion dollar asset of the popular and wealthiest family in the world. All lips gapped in astonishment and fear. Ashley Forrest, David's ex-wife who cheated on him collapsed.

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130 chapters
Chapter 1.
" You are free to go now Mr. David. " David Brighton was brought in handcuffs to the office of the Police chief. The police chief did not seem happy, " Mr. David you're so lucky the victim whom you knocked down on the road with your car, has withdrew her charges against you. " He said with a smirk. David smiled, but said no words. It was not him. It was his wife. When his wife knelt down crying to David, begging him to take the blame for her, otherwise her company would be ruined, he was filled with both heartache and hesitation. However, when he found out that his wife would be treated harshly in prison, he agreed to her plea. After all, it wasn't a serious accusation. He would do that if it could save his wife's reputation. And for David, not like she has a company, he has nothing to lose. Already he had spent a full month in prison. "Loose him from the handcuffs. " The chief orders. The two officers who brought David to the chief's office fetched out their keys and freed him
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Chapter 2.
His countenance fell when he heard moans and screams coming from the direction of his matrimonial bedroom. His legs paused, " What is happening there? " Immediately, he rushed to the bedroom and stood before the door in a tantrum. What he suddenly heard inside the bedroom immersed great fear into his body. Their king-sized bed was screeching powerfully as Ashley's voice resonated with loud moans. His heart raced. Just when he wanted to open the door, a deep grunt from a man exploded loudly from inside. David gasped as if one of his arteries got loosed. He barged inside the bedroom. " Ashley? " Blood drains from his face, discovering Ashley was actually intimate with another man in their bedroom at this time of the night. The flower present he was holding immediately slide off his grip and crashed to the floor. The smell of hardcore sex swirls over his nose and there is his most decent wife locking a man inbetween her legs as he thrust inside her. He stumbled, wishing this
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Chapter 3.
Unfortunately for David, five of Alexander's men rushed into the bedroom with a rod between their powerful hands. When they saw David running to attack their boss, 3 of them did not hesitate to stop him. David groaned as he felt his spine shattered. " Boss, are you okay? " asked one of Alexander's men. " Am I? You idiots, why are you so late! You let this rat lay his filthy hands on me! " Alexander shouted angrily at his men. " We're sorry boss. " They apologized as they bowed their heads before him. " Boss, what should we do with him? Should we make him pay? " one of them asked. Alexander shot a smug look at the tormented David, " I was going to, but just throw him out of this place, I hate his face, I don't want to see him anywhere in this house. " He commanded as if he was now in charge of the house. David struggled to his feet, but Alexander's men knocked him down again, cursing him. " Get him out of here, now! " Alexander ordered. " Yes boss!" They grab David from the
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Chapter 4.
It was a blissful saturday morning and David appeared before the flourishing atmosphere of the Forrest family villa. The entire compound were filled with servants and maids running errands tirelessly for the Forrest family and also the security guards who are protecting all corners of the villa. David sighed. He was both happy and dreary at the same time, probably because he has returned to the place where everyone disregards him. He was not surprise when he saw two maids of the house chortling when they saw him in the compound. "Is that not Ms. Ashley's lowly husband? I heard she's pregnant for another man," They chuckled. Not even the maids have single respect for him. However, David felt stunged by the harsh ego-crushing sarcasm from the maids. When he remembered what happened last night, he already made up his mind to divorce Ashley, and that's the reason he had come to the villa. David finally appeared before the entrance of the villa. There were 2 security guards watchin
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Chapter 5.
Everyone knew David and Ashley were lovely couples. Everyone looked astonished, except for Lady Selma who felt happy as a dark smile crept over her rough chin. Jennet scoffed, " Grandma, look who is demanding for a divorce, this broke freak, he wants to finally live in the gutters. " She burst into laughter. But it was obvious to Lady Selma who instead chuckled sinisterly. She looked at him; "Oh you never had a choice David, " She said. " I see you finally met with Alexander Wilson, my future son in-law. " She burst the bubbles. David was stunned. " What! S..So you knew?! " " Are you hurt David? " She taunted. "How painful it is for you to discover that your beautiful wife you left a month ago is now expecting a child from another man who's hundred times better than you. " She tried to humiliate David in front of the everyone. David was boiling inside, his lips curled and his jaw clenched with anger. It was all making sense now, the event of yesterday. Lady Selma produced a c
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Chapter 6.
All the guards were about to ferociously come at David when suddenly two maids of the house ran into the enormous living room and bowed before Lady Selma. "Madam, Ms. Ashley's coming and she's bringing someone very important with her, the heir of the Wilson group. " "Mr. Alexander Wilson is here? " Jennet exclaimed with enthusiasm. All activities ceased immediately in the house. "Now have they come here to mock me? " David frowned. Jennet quickly dash out of the living room, " I have to wear that sexy blue crystal dress. " She screamed. Donald Rans scoffed, " Are you going to snatch him from Ashley. " He said playfully but inside he was bitter of the fact that Ashley has been taken again. Lady Selma stood from her seat, " You stupid maids, are you done tidying up the house!! " Her attention sharply withdrew from David like he was invisible in the house. Suddenly, Ashley and Alexander Wilson could be seen holding hands as they walk proudly inside the house. Their view cause a
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Chapter 7.
David was confused, how did both cards vanished from his pocket? " I'm hundred percent sure I kept it in my pocket– " "Huh? " As his hands went to the back of his trouser, he suddenly felt something solid inside his back pocket. When he put his hand inside the pocket, he found both cards clamp onto each other. David hastily release a loud sigh of relief with his hand on his chest. " I thought I lost them. " He smiled. *** David finally left the environment of the estate. But first he decided to head straight to the restaurant where he worked as a waiter. He was just about to get promoted to being the assistant manager of the restaurant before he was arrested by the police. "At least I have some good friends who would be soo glad to finally have me back. " He thought. When he appeared in front of the classic restaurant, he beams while adjusting his collars. But he was surprised, the security guard at the entrance did not allow him to enter the restaurant. "And what is an
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Chapter 8.
David was astounded at the number of black escort cars that pulled over to his side and the number of men on black suits that gathered around him after he contacted Hunter. It was as if they have been waiting and hoping for him to make the call that they were all already prepared to meet him. However, everyone around the restaurant were stunned at the extraordinary scene. " What's happening there? " They murmured confusedly. The scene attracted a lot of people on the street included the people inside the Cafe restaurant. When everyone thought David was in trouble, they were greatly astounded beyond their wits to see all men on black suit that gathered him bowed their head before David with respect as if he were a Prince. " Young Master!! Young Master!!! " All the men hailed. "Who is that handsome young man? " In wonder, a gorgeous lady on red dress inside the restaurant exclaimed. Everybody inside the restaurant could see what was happening as the walls of the restaurant were co
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Chapter 9.
THE CASTLE. Before the announcement. David received a blossoming welcome the minute he stepped out of the helicopter. Not everyone was aware of his return, but as soon as the news reach the castle, everyone in the castle from the servants to the guards all prepared themselves to welcome him. They all bowed before him like a king has returned. It was evening that day when David finally returned home to his great family. David was walking around in a quiet room, waiting for Hunter to return. He wondered, the castle has not changed so much since he left. He still knows all the corners of the castle that leads to his bedroom. As he walked around the glittering room, suddenly he remembered something; "My bags, shit! All my belongings are still in that Delilah's house.. " "Fuck, I'll still need to return to Armsdale city to get all of my things, my pictures, and some important stuff I kept inside the bedroom. " David grunted with disappointed in his voice. .. However, David was ve
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Chapter 10.
The Next day. David woke up early in the morning and sat on his bed, a lot of events that happened lately scrolled through his mind. He smiled painfully as he recalls from when he first met the Forrest family. ~~~ He was not poor when he got married to Ashley, he was a handsome young man who had a nice paying company job, until he was called and made the General Manager of the Forrest group 5 years ago because of his unbelievably intelligence in business and management, discovered by Mr. Jorge Forrest. He had wanted to start his own business but Mr. Forrest wished to work with him, so he made him a shareholder in his company which David accepted. He helped run and manage the Forrest company for good 4 years and it was under his management that the formally undervalued Forrest company grew expand and gain leverage over all other companies in Armsdale city, lest did he know that except for Mr. Forrest who was the most kind to him, no other members from the Forrest family liked him,
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