Chapter 2495 An Unfair Deal

Caroline was caught with the question that doesn’t shut up: does she want to marry Reuben?

With Flávia’s urgent look demanding an answer, Caroline decides to be pragmatic, “Mrs. Freire... Flávia. I like your son very much.”

“But not enough to marry him,” Flávia assumes.

“Well, it’s still early for me to think about marriage, and sometimes I think Reuben is just joking when he says we’re betrothed.”

“This is not true!” Flávia exclaims desperately, “Carol, Reuben truly loves you. I know you’re still young to get married, but when the time comes... Don’t you prefer my son? Reuben is a pure boy with good feelings. He would never joke about something as serious as marriage.”

Caroline is moved, “Wow, Flávia, you defend your son very well.”

“It’s maternal instinct. You’ll understand when you’re in my shoes.” Flávia smiles slightly, “So, Caroline, I ask you: if being friends with Sofia means having the happiness of having my son as your husband in the future, wouldn’t such a sacrifice be wort
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