His Legacy

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His Legacy

By: Julie Paola OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Born in an abusive home, Steven Gold hated his Mafia Dad. He hated the wealth it brought and the sleepless nights it caused. He hated the man’s bloodshed, his cruelty, his abusive tendencies and his crying mother. He hated being born in a world of wealth. He hated being seen as his father’s disgraceful legacy; a weakling who could barely survive on his own. Now Steven will explore the world he hates to prove a point to his father. To prove he could be a better mafia and not hurt people. But with the journey comes painful discoveries, unexpected twists, an evil entanglement and deadly decisions which leads to more destruction. His father’s blood still runs in his veins and if Steven isn’t careful, he might end up being the mirror of his father.

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  • Snowflakes23_


    This novel is super interesting... join the fun bus and accompany Steven in his journey. Highly recommended

    2024-02-19 22:20:05
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49 chapters
The promise
A smile broke on Steven Gold’s lips when he was released for the day. He walked out of his workplace where he carried heavy boxes and called his elder sister. ”Hello, hard worker!” Her weak voice said at the other end. Steven smiled. “It is nice to…,” He bumped into a lady. “Sorry,” he apologized, but she rudely ignored him. He brushed it off and entered the bus. “Sorry for the interruption,” he said to his sister. “How do you feel now? Your stomach wasn’t great in the morning.” “I threw up twice. That's a new record. Yay!”His sister joked. Steven couldn’t believe she found her stomach pain funny. “It's not funny, Mary.”“I ate lots of chocolates. I blame myself for this.”“I thought you wouldn’t. You always look for someone to blame for your situation, you know.““Where are you? Be quick and come. I am waiting.” She grumbled bored. “Fine, fine. Few more minutes.” Steven gave his word and hung up. His focus went back to the window, watching the trees speed past. When he arri
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Double Trouble
The Academy of Sciences was the last place Steven Gold wanted to find himself at. But here he was, explaining to his lecturers why he skipped school for a month. They understood his sister's situation and allowed him off the hook.“Hey!” his close friend Jeremy greeted, sitting beside him. “How are you?” Steven asked. “I am getting myself back together. He was buried last week.”Steven’s heart sank. “Your father was a good man.”“Yeah, he was. I wish I know who killed him.”Steven felt like a monster. He couldn't tell him his mafia father killed him. The Black Draculas killed him! The poor boy didn’t know how vulnerable his father was. Who owes the Mafia millions?“Since your father is a Mafia, could you help me find the killers?” Jeremy trusted him that much. “I do not get involved in my dad’s business.”“Come on! It is just the connection I need.”“I promise you do not want to get involved.”The door opened and a beautiful lady walked in swaying her hips. She blew a kiss at Ste
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Inner Demon
“Hey!” Steven tried fighting it off. Sharon pinned him down. She was in her lingerie, gracing his vision with her boobs. “Come on, just ones.” she pleaded.“Are you crazy?”“Yes, Steven! I am crazy for you.”“Sharon, get off me!” Steven pushed her.“I was right! You are a weakling! You are a fucking impotent!” “I am not an impotent!”Steven defended. “Then what’s wrong?” she glared confidently. “Am I not hot enough?!”Steven couldn't take it. He grabbed her arm and pinned her to the wall.“It is not about looks! I don't fall for looks!”She laughed evilly.“You are not like your parents. You are so weak. While your dad gets every girl he wants with the snap of a finger, and your mum sleeps with men for better offers, you are here wasting your looks. Your father would have done a better job. He would have looked me in the eyes and devoured me with his charms. He would have….”“Enough!” Steven covered her lips. She smirked and drew him closer. “I can do better than my father. I am bet
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When it all crashed
“Steve, I need your help!” Sharon pleaded as he walked into the school stadium. “You want to seduce me again and send a clip to my father?”The statement grossed her.“Stop! Don’t put it that way.”“I cannot believe you are such a slut. I trusted you.”Sharon held back her tears. “I am not a slut. Your father contacted me through my father. I had to help because your father insisted.”“How much did he pay you?” “Steven, I do not like this….”“How much did he pay you?” Sharon sighed. “Half a million.”“Wow!”“But, I promise you I didn’t send the video to anyone else. It was just your father.”“Are you even listening to yourself?”“Come on, Steven, my father is in trouble. You are the only one who can help us.”“Back off!” Steven threatened, pointing a finger at her. “Do not come closer!” “Steven, please!” Steven ignored her and was approached by Jeremy. Jeremy was surprised at his coldness. “What was that about?” He asked. “Ignore it.”Later that night, Steven heard his gate f
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Change of fate
Steven Gold walked out of prison with nothing but his wallet. The jailer thought it was odd for him to leave with nothing. Even his outfit had to be borrowed.“Have anywhere to stay?” The jailor asked.“I will find my way,”“You were arrested at 17 years old. The world has not been the same since then, sir.”“As I said before, I will find my way.”It's been 10 years since he was imprisoned. The jailor wasn’t wrong. The world changed a lot. Everyone depended on the internet now.He could barely recognize the alleys. The roads were bigger, there were more shops and the fashion was different. There was so much to explore. The poor guy didn’t know where to start. He didn’t know where to go.“Hi,” he entered a grocery store. The owner was an elderly woman who judged him instantly. “Are you here to steal?”That was a dumb question.“I am looking for a job,” he said anyway.She was irked.“We are not hiring.”“Please….”“Do I look like a charity?! Leave or I will call the police.”“Do you k
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“Help me with the car, Steve!” Mr Jones ordered as he adjusted his glasses. “I cannot drive,” Steven confessed. He wished he could. “O! Not drive, Steve. Wash my car for me. I am in a hurry.”Steve agreed quickly and got a bucket. He scrubbed the car until it sparkled. There was no single blemish on it. Will that convince Mr. Jones trust to him? “Wow, you did well.” Mr Jones was sure impressed. Steven smiled and held the bucket firmly. Mr Jones didn’t look at him twice. He opened his car, got in, and prompted the driver to leave. “Didn’t he wash it well?” He thought. What could be done to earn the man’s trust? He freaking saved his life. “Clean the balcony upstairs!” His boss scolded, as the gate closed. Steven nodded at first. He remembered his plan to get information from her and turned back. Mr Jones lived alone with his guards. There was no single family member of his around. Maybe he had none? He might be a loner. “What?” His boss asked due to her piercing stare. Her nam
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More Problems
Mr Jones didn’t arrive back that day. Or the day after. This made him mad. He did all that washing for nothing?!His next target was Caro. Caro spent her time shopping and cleaning the figurines on all the floors. It was rare to find her. Steven tried to get access to her, but it was close to impossible. They’ve barely seen each other twice. “Could you link me with Caro?” He asked Anita. Anita was surprised. “Excuse me?” “I think I misplaced a figurine on the first floor. I need your help.”Anita couldn’t believe it. “How could you? Mr Jones will kill you.”“That’s why I need your help.” “Tell me what figurine, and I will figure it out for you.” Anita was being nice. “I will prefer Caro to help me instead.”Her smile disappeared. She was deeply hurt as if he said something bad. She nodded and opened her phone book. She shut her eyes and finally spoke up. “Did I do anything wrong?” “What do you mean?” “Since that day, you have been avoiding me….” She was close to tears. “Wha
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The heart ponders
Mr Jones’s strange packages raised brows. They came in ten’s everyday making the servants busy. No one dared to check what were in the boxes. In fact, it remained mysterious for a long time. “Where are they taking those?” Steven asked Anita as she supervised the packages.“The basement.”She turned to Caro. “Are you done cleaning upstairs?”“Sure!” That was a response she wanted. “Good! It should be spotless for visitors.” She noticed Caro stare at Steven flirtingly and looked away in embarrassment. She adjusted her bonded hair. “Be careful with those!” “Hey,” Diana said to Steven. “Can we see?” “Now?” Steven was shocked.“Concentrate for once, please!” Anita snapped, interrupting both of them. “The work is getting intense. No room for discussions.”“Sorry, I just wanted to speak to him.” Diana apologized. “Then don’t do it here. Do it somewhere else. This is a work zone. I do not have to tell you everything. Damn! You two annoy me.” Anita walked away in rage. Steven bit his lip
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Match maker
“Did you get it?” Anita asked, as she leaned against her headboard. Steven nodded and showed the condom to her. She smiled since she never saw it before. “I have never seen this,” “There is always a first time.”He poured her a glass cup of water. He took a deep breath and slipped in some sleeping pills. I am sorry. I can’t take advantage of you. He thought. He dissolved the drug in the water properly. Satisfied with what he did, he brought the water to her and placed it on the stool. “Are you the only daughter?” He asked. She nodded. “I had such a big responsibility at home. We are treated like men. I am glad I get to be independent. At least I am able to provide for my family and make them proud.”She grabbed hold of the glass of water. “You know what?” She began, holding the cup firmly, “You might hate me after tonight. We might not speak to each other anymore and you might see me differently. But do not feel guilty. This is my choice.”“It won’t happen,” he assured her.
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One step closer
Steven cleaned the cabinets silently with his earpiece on. The compound ought to be silent that morning, if not for the gardener and his lawn mower. Mrs Jones' daughter will be around in four days. He smirked at her thought. “Hey!” Soft arms grabbed him. He would have knocked it off if he didn’t see Anita, frowning at him with her arm folded. The lady loved frowning for some reason. He didn’t hate it. It just doesn’t fit her. “What now?” Steven removed his ear piece. “Come with me!” She pulled him to the balcony. “If this is about that night…”“It’s not about that night!” She snapped at him, refrained from the pulling his arn and then continued. “Why are you always mad at me?” “Keep quiet!” She taunted. “Just shut the hell up. You annoy me.” They were on the balcony now, luckily not distracted by the lawn mower this time. “What is wrong?” He asked. “You are so sneaky! I can’t believe I trusted you, Steven. Damn, I wanted to give you my body. How disgusting!” Steven was surpr
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