Chapter 2524 A Professional Detective

Josias is now receiving messages from Reuben.

“Lisandro Torres called. In other words, his team. They want to know if you would be willing to give an interview commenting on the attack at the Rocha Hotel.”

Josias smiles kindly, “Tell Lisandro Torres that I’ll be flattered. Let them decide the date of the recordings so I can attend and answer their questions.”

“Wow, Uncle Josias is going to be on TV...” Reuben makes a note in his electronic diary, “Aunt Melissa wants to know if the twins can spend the weekend with their father in Victoria.”

“Yes, they miss him.” Josias nods, wondering what Kelvin must be like, “But tell Melissa to check that Kelvin isn’t taking sluts to his apartment, in front of the kids. I don’t want Ignacio to become depraved.”

“Noted.” Reuben nods, “Tomorrow, you have a meeting about the next real estate project that will be built in Guarapari.”

“Yes, let everyone involved know. Don’t forget to call Caio.”

“OK, I’m on my way.” Reuben puts the electronic diary in hi
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