Chapter 2525 Help me with information

At Rocha Mansion, João Paulo appears very early to talk to his older brother.

Hector opens the door and is surprised by the visitor, “Mr. Queiroz? Why are you here? Boss Josias is waking up, probably in the shower.”

“I’ll wait. I urgently need to speak to him, Hector, and I didn’t want to use my cell phone just to avoid waking him up.” João Paulo passes Hector and enters the foyer.

“I recommend you wait in the living room.” Hector is confused.

“Would he mind if I ate something?” João Paulo blinks, “Or has breakfast not been served yet?”

“Breakfast is being served,” Hector responds as if he had to.

“OK, I’ll go to the dining room.” João Paulo goes forward.

Hector shakes his head.

João Paulo, however, stops his steps when he passes the stairs and sees Sofia and Alan laughing and going down the steps together, arm in arm. Caroline is close behind, scowling.

“ALAN!” João Paulo is horrified, “What is this? Are you and your girlfriend already sleeping together? Did my brother allow this deb
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