Chapter 2560 We Can't Be Intimidated

Erasmo is calm in his office when he receives an abusive phone call from Daryl.

He purses his lips, not willing to be charged for the favor...

But when the minutes pass and Daryl doesn’t give up, Erasmo has no choice but to answer, “Hello? My God, man, don’t you have any other occupation than to bother me today?”

“I need to know, man...” Daryl smirks at his desk.

“No, my wife hasn’t yet recorded or caused any flagrant to dishonor Cláudio Guzman.” Erasmo chooses his words.

“That’s not what I want to know!” Daryl scoffs, “I want to know if your adulterous wife moaned in pleasure beneath the virile body of Lagoon City’s most sought-after model!”

“Go to hell!” Erasmo screams madly. At this moment, Olivia enters the office and gets scared.

“Apparently, I’ll have to do my part. I have free time, and I’ll pay a visit to Josias Rocha to talk about Alan’s son-in-law who will no longer be.”

Erasmo hangs up the cell phone on Daryl. Olivia is terrified. Are they talking...?

“Do I need to ask who
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