Chapter 2566 Josias and Ulysses

At Ulysses’ apartment, Daryl wants to see how far his uncle’s pretense goes.

“Are you sure we can be at peace?” Daryl asks casually, “You know, we assumed my mom was to blame for her own death, but sometimes it crosses my mind that Aunt Addie—”

Ulysses is quick to defend Adelaide, “I don’t think that was it. Stop scheming, Daryl. Be thankful no one paid attention to the finger marks on Adelaide’s neck. Your mother was to blame. The two of them fought, and your aunt had no choice but to defend herself.”

Daryl smiles mischievously. “OK, if you say so...”

“So we can rest assured that your aunt won’t say anything when she wakes up. After all, what would she say?”

“I don’t know. Maybe she’ll say what really happened.” Daryl shrugs.

Ulysses becomes suspicious. “The police have already closed the case; announcing a verdict of suicide.”

“But did you know that Kelvin and Maggie keep uneasy about the case?”

Ulysses feels a lump in his throat. “I didn’t know that! What do they think?”

“The same
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