Chapter 2571 Have You Considered Divorce?

Diane gets up, feeling dizzy and sick. She looks like she’s going to vomit or pass out...

“No, I don’t believe they’re both keeping any more secrets from me... What kind of marriage can resist that?”

Kelvin is startled, “Sister-in-law, I hope this isn’t a threat of divorce. I’ve had enough of being divorced!”

Diane turns to him, “Your situation was completely different than mine. I’m married to a husband who has done horrible things and who doesn’t trust me enough to do so.”

Bernardo opines, “Maybe Daryl kept his mouth shut because he knows you would disagree with him and tell someone.”

Diane swallows hard. She remembered the conversation she had with Teresa.

But she decides to focus on Adelaide, “Aunt Addie said she got into a fight with Shirley and Shirley started strangling her. Someone said something about finger marks on Aunt Addie’s neck, but it wasn’t mentioned in the coroner’s final report. How strange...”

“When Daryl and Ulysses stepped in to say categorically that it was sui
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