Chapter 2586 Diane Says Goodbye

After the success of the article revealing all the rot of Ulysses Cardozo, João Paulo and Helen decided to focus on their lives.

And that included buying a beautiful house in Europe Garden.

The house was built in the American style with two floors, a basement and attic, a dark gray roof, and walls with wood panels mixing white and lavender.

The property had a stone wall flanking the house, a front garden for Helen to spend her time, a swimming pool and barbecue area in the back for leisure, and a covered garage to protect the brand new car that João Paulo intended to buy.

Erasmo and Olivia were walking along the sidewalk and were shocked to discover it: they’ll be neighbors of someone from Josias’s family.

“Holy Crap! What do you think you’re doing here?” Erasmo turns pale.

João Paulo turns to him, proudly, “Hello, Mr. Vasquez! We’ll live on the same street as you! And it looks like the Lafayette Mansion isn’t far from here, right?”

“A few blocks behind,” Olivia informs, only to be po
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