The rule of three

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The rule of three

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"You are nothing to me. I have never wanted you, neither will I accept you now.  Go, I never want to see you again. If I do, I may not be able to hold back from killing you with my own hands." Dean watched his father say to him. Raised by his grandmother, Dean Connor had a hard life until he graduated from college, proposed to his sweetheart, and planned to start a big business. But one night, everything changed. He ended up in jail for a murder charge, with no one to support him, not even his fiancee or grandmother. Also, he only has three years to live. Will he escape this nightmare or will he perish as a loser?

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The prison warden ran his baton over the bars of each prison gate, barking out orders. "Up, up. You lazy lot." Dean hurriedly got down from his bunk bed. He grabbed the orange coloured shirt hanging on the edge and hurried out through the iron securtuty gates that had been flung open."Get in line, Get in line." Another warden commanded.The inmates quickly formed a line and were marched outside. Here each man went about his business, exercising, idle conversations or causing trouble when the officers were not looking.Dean looked up at the sky and inhaled deeply. The sky was clear and blue and the air felt fresh. "Enjoying your last day here, huh" Jasper said beside him. Dean looked down at one of the few friends he had here."I'm gonna miss you man." He said with a tight smile. He could not openly show emotions although he felt them. He could not afford to be seen as a sissy here."I will too." Jasper said, and surprised Dean by wrapping his arms around him in a hug. His head res
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Dean stood up angrily and turned to face the man. Yanking his shirt, he swung his fist and punched his jaw. He watched the man's eyes roll back in his head and punched him again. This time boxing him near his ears. He tossed the man away as soon as he went limp in his hands. Then he turned and fought the other men."Stop Dean." He heard Jasper say and he finally came back to his senses. A deep sense of sadness washed over him. He knew instinctively he would not be going home tomorrow. As he turned to walk away, he felt something cold pierce his side. At first he felt nothing except harsh breathing against his neck. He turned to see Marshall was staring back with excited eyes like an insane man.Then he finally felt the pain. Dean looked down and saw the knife buried in his stomach, only the hilt was visible. "I swore you will never leave this place." Marshall said. Dean's legs gave way under him and he came down with a heavy loud crash. His sight became blurry but he could still
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I advice you cut your losses
Three inmates who had been chosen at random came out and testified against Dean one after the other, he was not surprised. But he was left speechless nonetheless.Till the last moment, when he saw the look between Marshall and his mother, he never thought this could happen.He never thought people could lie and testify against him so badly. Were they bribed or threatened?"You can ask Jasper." Dean said after the last witness was escorted away. "Your little friend will always lie for your sake." Marshall said."The way your little friends just did right?" Dean fired back. "Enough." The Chief barked. "How dare you? In my presence?" He glared angrily at them."1722, it is a shame that you were so close to leaving this place." The Chief said looking at Dean with disappointment. "You have two options. You can either ask for forgiveness and only face punishment from us. Or you don't beg for forgiveness and have the estimable Marshalls press charges against you." He said. "Those charges
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A giant beggar
Dean had difficulty believing what they just said."You cannot mean that?" He said in disbelief. Leilani loved this child as fiercely as he did. From the moment she first held her, the plan was to adopt the baby as a couple, as soon as possible. "We have not seen her." The oldest Reverend Sister said, looking at him with kind eyes. Dean felt sad. The mockery from others, and his fear must be true then. Leilani did not come for any of his court hearings, never visited him in prison, and completely abandoned Alanna who was supposed to be their child. He did not know which hurt him the most. Leilani abandoning him, or Alanna."I thought Alanna would have been adopted by now." Dean asked."She has not bonded with any family. In fact, you are the only one she has favored with a smile in years." The Reverend Sister explained. The two other sisters nodded in agreement.Dean wanted to ask some more questions but decided not to. He stood up abruptly and said he would be back. He went out
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A gold card
"We will play 36:1" The man announced as he resumed his seat at the table. Dean stood closely behind him."What is this? What do you take us for, bringing this filth to the table.""This is an insult to us.""My God, he stinks. Get him out of here." One of the men made gestures to his guards. The guards had begun walking angrily towards Dean when the old man gave them a dark look. The guards froze in their tracks."He is with me. If you don't like that you can leave." He said."You really think a gutter rat will help you win?" One of the rich men asked."Just be a good sport and accept your losses. We all have bad days too." Another advised."That's right." Two other men agreed. But the old man completely ignored them and the game began. He staked the exact amount he had lost so far, ten million.Dean won the first game. Even though he had been confident he could win, he was still shocked. The old man just smiled as the room went silent. He motioned for Dean to play again. By th
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I'll take your offer
Dean walked back to the desk of the customer service personnel. She frowned as she saw him walking towards her. "You have still not called out to me." Dean said with a polite smile."Exactly. So I wonder why you are here." She said angrily. "I will call you when I have answers for you." Dean went back to his spot and continued standing. Another forty minutes had passed when a security guard of the bank came to stand before him."You cannot be here. Please take a seat." He said. Dean glanced back to where he had been sitting. The rich kid was no longer there, but all the seats were taken."There are no vacant seats." He said, turning to look down at the security guard."But you cannot stand loitering here." The guard responded with a frown. "I am not loitering. I am waiting for a response from her." Dean said, turning to point to the customer service agent. He was shocked to find that the queue was gone. The woman was even having an idle chat with her colleague. Dean felt anger b
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Mrs Valencia
The woman smiled back at him sadly. "You know it has never been about money. We only authorize adoption to stable married couples." She said. "I understand that. But can't you make any exceptions? You have known me for years. You know I will treat Alanna right." Dean said "I do. But she needs the love of a mother just like she does a father." The woman explained. Dean felt defeated. He had heard all these before. That was why he and Leilani had been putting in extra time at their work so they could save up and get married quickly. Till that ugly incident happened and he went to jail and Leilani abandoned them.He really wished they had taken Alanna to some other orphanage. These religious ones took propriety seriously. Would he have to just find a random woman and marry her? He could afford to do that now, with all this money. But he did not want to give Alanna a bad mother. He stood up. "I'll come see her tomorrow." He announced and left after saying goodbye to Alanna.It was
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A private investigator
Dean took her in and sat with her till she did not look as faint anymore. About an hour later, she still looked weak but she was ready to talk.She told him all she knew. The last person who saw Leilani saw her at the scene of the murder incident. After that she seemed to have disappeared into thin air. Mrs Valencia explained how she visited the police station every single day in the first three years for an update and got nothing. It seemed like the cops were not doing anything. "Two things have kept me going." She said, looking at Dean. "I have a feeling she is still alive. And I also have a feeling her disappearance is connected to that incident. If I find out it's true, I will dedicate the rest of my days to seeking revenge." Dean was speechless. All this information was so much to take in."Some people think I am crazy to hope that she is still alive. But I am her mother, I know she is alive somewhere. I feel it." Mrs Valencia said."It just kills me to think she may be suff
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"Leilani and I had been dating for three years and engaged for eight months when this trouble began." Dean began explaining. He took his first sip from the glass, the whisky with ice burned nicely at the back of his throat. "She said a certain young heir had a great interest in her. He came to the place she worked as a receptionist one day, and fell madly for her. I don't blame him. Leilani is extraordinarily beautiful, smart and kind." "I see." Jean said."But he began pestering her. First he brought gifts and offered to change her financial status. When Leilani turned all of it down, he resorted to more dangerous measures."Jean was listening keenly. All his attention was on Dean."We believe he was behind an allegation at Leilani's workplace that almost cost her her job." Dean explained as he sat up. He took another gulp from his drink. "And as expected this guy swooped in like a superhero and saved the day.""Who is this man?" Jean asked. Dean looked at Jean for a while before
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The captive
The beautiful woman sitting on the bed was still in her purple, transparent nightgown, although it was almost noon.She was fidgeting on the bed, scared. Today was Thursday, and Thursday was when the awful man visited her. On other days she could pretend that she was in another place, another world where there was no pain. But on Thursdays she could not, the pain was too much for her to pretend it was not her reality. The door burst open. Her ruthless nurse walked in. "Get up and get dressed." The nurse said. She always had an irritated look plastered on her face.The woman on the bed did not respond. She did not want to get dressed."Are you deaf?" The nurse asked with increased irritation after minutes of silence. "The boss will soon be here, get up and get dressed."The woman still did not move. But she spoke up now. "No.""What did you say?" The nurse asked."No." The woman repeated. "No, I won't.""You seem to have forgotten your place.After all these years you still have n
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