Chapter 2616 Josias Wants This Wedding Happening?

At Rocha Constructions, Josias meets with Adelaide.

The door opens and Reuben leads her inside, “Uncle Josias, the person you were waiting for has arrived. This way, Mrs. Cardozo.”

After the door closes, Adelaide approaches Josias with an elegant smile and wearing a sober, graphite-colored suit.

Josias stands up and greets the lady. “Mrs. Cardozo...”

“I need to marry Hilton soon to change this surname.” Adelaide jokes.

“Sit down.” Josias smiles at the joke and indicates the sofa. With his left hand, he points to the drinks table, “Would you like a drink?”

“No, thank you. I look forward to hearing what you have to propose.”

Josias sits on the other sofa. “How are things at Cardozo Perfumes?”

“They’re fine.” Adelaide keeps her smile.

“I was wondering if by chance...” Josias smiles like a lynx, “You would need support. Do you know, Mrs. Cardozo, that I helped Vasconcelos Fabrics when the majority partner was also involved in personal scandals? The company continues to prosper to this day
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