Triumph Of The Belittled Son-in-law

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Triumph Of The Belittled Son-in-law

By: Godwin Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Paul Leonard never had life easy for him. His in-laws treated him like a mere peasant and forced him out of his marriage. His wife couldn't bear the sight of him and ridiculed him without mercy. His in-laws could seize the air he breathed if the chance came to them and they decided to frame him for a Ponzi scheme that ultimately saw him sent to prison. Just when Paul started thinking about how prison life was going to look like for him, there was a swift rescue, prompting the start of a turnaround for Paul. Revenge became the name of the game but how far would the burning fire inside of him quench his enemies? How much further can this new zeal take him as he battles personal and ancestral enemies on his way to the top?

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  • Jay Jay


    The book is amazing! I enjoyed every storyline

    2024-03-16 17:55:58
  • estheronazi26


    Amazing work!!! can't wait to read to the end.........

    2024-03-06 07:01:52
  • Tuoyo Mani


    There's more to this story... it started very well. can't just wait to read more... please update frequently to enable us a great time reading this

    2024-02-29 18:00:38
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77 chapters
“Where have you been?” Paul Leonard asked with suspicious eyes as Sarah returned home very late at night.“Why are you asking me where I have been? Of course, I had a lot of work to do at the office. Naturally, I won't get back early. Some of us actually know what we're doing with our lives,” Sarah Winston retorted, flaring her hair.She looked very exhausted. It was her birthday and their 4th wedding anniversary but Sarah seemed uninterested in spending time with her husband.Paul waited hours at the family restaurant because they planned a dinner date but she didn't show up despite his several phone calls which were left unanswered.“What is that supposed to mean? Did you forget our dinner date? It's your birthday and our wedding anniversary. I don't want to have another argument with you today but lately, there has been something fishy about your behavior.”Sarah seemed to have had enough of Paul’s ranting. She wondered why Paul did not seem to get the hints that she had been throw
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Paul heaved a sigh. He didn't want any more trouble from the Winstons but the dark glares that Lady Winston and Jude Bournemouth threw at him forced him to pause his movement.“What are you still doing here? Have you not signed it?” Jude questioned, his eyebrows furrowed.“Signed what?” Paul asked.“The divorce agreement, you dummy,” Jude retorted. “Are you not tired of having a mistress who pushes you around? Pfff! Behave like a man for once and find something useful to do with your life because you don't have a place here”.“Mr. Bournemouth, Sarah is still my wife despite our misunderstandings. We will work things out as long as you don't come in between us,” Paul protested.Jude forced out a low chuckle which suddenly turned into full-blown mocking laughter. “You sissy of a man. Are you also going to take care of my child for me inside her belly? Sarah must have endured a lot staying with a pauper like you.”Paul was rooted to the spot. Something inside of him hoped that Sarah was
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Paul arrived at the New York City Police Precinct. The Police officers all had mean faces. He was directed to sit in the reception area but he had been waiting for almost 3 hours without anyone attending to him despite his polite requests to officers who were passing by to know why he was summoned.He knew that they were very aware that he was waiting because they were whispering words to each other and stealing glances at him. They must be gossiping about me, he thought.But why would they be having a chatter about him? He checked the wall clock and it was already 10 pm but since he didn't have anywhere he would have slept the night anyway, he kept mute for a few more minutes until he finally voiced out. “Am I being kept here purposely? Why is no one answering me? Can I leave now or is there still an arrest? His voice was tinged with worry as he cleaned the sweat off his face with his elbow. He had had one hell of a day.A few minutes later, an officer approached him. He had a ster
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“Bullshit! Look into my eyes. I have been doing this job for almost 25 years. I can tell when a suspect is just making a show or pretending to have no idea about something,” Officer Astrid snapped her fingers toward Paul.“I am not making a show Ma’am,” Paul pleaded.“Officer!” Astrid raised her voice irritably. “You refer to me as an officer.”“Alright Officer Astrid,” Paul swallowed a bit, trying to catch his breath. “I know these memos and financial statements. They were the basis of my work with Lord Winston before he died but these…..”Officer Hall interrupted him abruptly. “Good! You are finally realising that you are guilty so why are we still here?”Paul wondered why the officers were already pronouncing him guilty. Was their job not to find the truth? He knew that Ponzi scheme interrogations are usually extensive and it was completely strange not even to ask any questions from any member of the Winston family.He wasn't even a member of their family anymore so why would he su
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In the blink of an eye, the masked men escorted Paul to a black Volkswagen Amarok truck.He was taken to the back seat with two masked men sitting on either side of him as a young lady drove the truck. The truck didn't have even a single scratch despite colliding with the prisoner transport van, which suffered a lot of damage. The interior of the truck was modern-looking and the leather upholstery alone was able to tell the quality of the truck.“Young master, we are very happy to have found you after all these years,” the young lady driving the truck said. She seemed very calm as opposed to Paul whose eyes darted around the interior of the truck, his breathing very rapid.“You can remove your masks now,” she instructed the masked men. “Take care of his wound too.”The men immediately took off their masks and Paul could see their true faces - they were like normal calm human beings as opposed to the monsters that they looked like with the mask.Paul felt a little relieved seeing thei
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Grandpa Leonard’s body was thin and frail from worry.It was very difficult finding Paul - the Winston family's decision to spread the news of his arrest and incarceration was the only way Grandpa Leonard could trace his whereabouts and rescue him in the prisoner transport van. The Winstons thought they could suppress the pressure on them and make their investors think that the bad egg had been thrown out but they ended up giving way too much information, helping Grandpa Leonard with the missing puzzle to find his grandson, Paul.Grandpa Leonard’s back was hunched and his neck bones were very visible as if piercing his poor skin which was like paper. There was a twinkle in his watery eyes and one could tell that he would be beyond his 80s.Paul stood still as if he was frozen, his eyes devoid of feelings as Grandpa Leonard embraced him. “Oh! My boy. You have grown a lot since we met many years ago,” Grandpa Leonard quivered as he spoke. Paul didn't give any response. Instead, his t
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Paul was completely absorbed with Grandpa Leonard’s explanation but he couldn't help wondering how fast his life had changed. Just a couple of days ago, he was chased away by his ex-in-laws for being poor and now he had the biggest responsibility that only the wealthiest of persons could carry.“It's a tough job finding these informants but I have an idea, Grandpa,” Paul said, causing Grandpa Leonard’s eyes to light up as he got off the couch, his eyes full of hope.His weak muscles were even more tense in anticipation.Paul took a deep breath and continued. “Since these informants want to tarnish the image of our companies by producing counterfeit products, we have to assume that they already know our secrets or at least most of them.”Grandpa Leonard nodded quickly in affirmation. “Uhm, yes, you are very right”“We will conduct an internal investigation in all of our companies,” Paul explained.Even though Paul had spent all of his life being poor, he had always been very intelligen
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Back at the Winston family, they were all shocked to hear that Paul Leonard was rescued from the prisoner transport van. They inquired angrily about who rescued him and how it happened but the police were even more shocked at how swiftly they were robbed of their man. The authorities were unable to give definitive answers leaving the Winstons on the lookout for him. They were determined that he was going to answer for the stunt he pulled.But they had bigger problems.The Bournemouth family, who are allied to the Winstons, had a fallout. The Winstons had an agreement with the Bournmouths for the completion of a building project worth 700 million dollars but the Winstons stopped halfway because they lacked the resources to complete the project, leading to threats of being sued.The Winstons had just escaped a Ponzi Scheme allegation by the skin of their teeth and a court matter would put a suspicious eye on them so they applied for a partnership deal with another company, Rochester C
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Paul Leonard?Jude Bournemouth couldn't believe his eyes. His limbs were stiff and he was unable to control his muscles. How is it that Paul Leonard dared to play a prank on them that way? Was he not supposed to be in jail supping with his fellow inmates and showing them how much of a lowly man he was? Sarah Winston leaned toward her husband in shock as if Paul had just resurrected from a tomb. She looked like she had been struck by lightning, her hands pressed against her mouth.“What nonsense is going on here?” Jude voiced out, turning towards Miriam, his face expectant of an explanation as he stood from kneeling. He couldn't imagine going on his knees before a destitute like Paul. “He is supposed to be behind bars, Miss. Zendaya. Are you aware that you are harboring an inmate?”“What an irony! Mr. Paul Leonard here is the CEO of the Imperial Society Syndicate and right now, you are nothing but a donkey trapped in the wilderness,” Miriam responded.Paul's mouth curved into a big
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There was a dead silence among the reporters as Jude mentioned that he had to make some confessions. They were all attentive because they knew that it was likely to be important news that would fill the front pages of the newspapers - cool money for them.Jude’s eyes darted back and front as he seemed to be considering his options. Making a public confession would ruin everything that he and his family had ever built? Perhaps he should have made a deal with Paul first before accepting to make a confession that could taint his dignity for the rest of his life.But what choice did he have. His last meeting with Paul didn’t seem like a friendly one. He could still feel the deep pain from the microchip on back of neck. Would he just succumb or was there one last bit of stunt he could pull.Jude looked at his wife - she didn’t look like someone who had ideas brimming on her head. They were doomed.“Mr. Bournemouth, it seems you have forgotten that you have confessions to make,” one of the
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