The Hidden Successor In Disguise

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The Hidden Successor In Disguise

By: SHIROE CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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When Aldrich had to return due to the death of his father, he was suddenly announced as the fiancé of the daugther in the Ledger family. As the son of a servant in the Ledger family, everyone underestimated him and looked down on him, without knowing who he really was.

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  • Jojo Cjr (Augusto)


    Love this.

    2023-08-10 20:30:20
  • rob w


    excellent book still has me guessing when she will find out about her husband

    2023-08-10 09:29:53
  • Elena


    This is an excellent book. I love the characters and the plot. I cannot wait for Charlotte, Claire, Berthan and Jake gets what coming to them.

    2023-06-14 12:46:25
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347 chapters
Chapter 1
"What does a poor man like you have? Not only are you poor, you're an uneducated servant's son! How dare you want to marry me!" Charlotte scolded the man in front of her. Her voice was so loud that some of the passing servants looked at her questioningly.The woman glared with her arms crossed over her chest, looking haughty. Meanwhile, the man who was insulted by Charlotte still looked calm. Aldrich was not bothered in the slightest by the insults of Charlotte who was the first daughter of the owner of this house.A spacious and majestic house in an elite housing complex, with a large garden-like front yard full of beautiful flowers of various types and colors. The atmosphere was peaceful, comfortable, and refreshing to the eyes of anyone who looked.Another man beside Charlotte, looked at Aldrich with a contemptuous gaze. "So, this is the man your father is going to match you up with? From his face alone, he already looks stupid and useless!"This was the first time Jake and Aldric
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Chapter 2
"What? I didn't hear wrong?" Charlotte laughed. "Your father is a head servant, and even his last salary and insurance wouldn't be able to fund your wedding. You're really dreaming."Jake tugged at the hem of Aldrich's clothes. "Even if you sell all the assets in your house, until you have no clothes to sell, your money won't be able to match the luxury of our wedding!""What can you boast about from a father who only works as a butler? You don't even have any decent clothes. What kind of lavish wedding did you expect, you fool!" Charlotte let out a long sigh, holding back her laughter.Aldrich smirked. The two people before him had no idea who he really was. He was a wealthy businessman who had succeeded overseas. Although Rhodes was only a butler in the Ledger mansion, but had an abundant inheritance from his father-Alex.Billion dollar houses in several places. Luxury yachts, jet boats, and private ferries. Islands, as well as dozens of luxury resorts. Entertainment venues, dozens
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Chapter 3
The Ledger family prepared for breakfast in the dining room. The servants were busy putting out large plates of food. Two maids, meanwhile, were on special duty pouring water into glasses and preparing cutlery.The long, gleaming table was made of thick glass and covered in antique mahogany, worth hundreds of millions. It was decorated with luxurious carvings on the edge of the table. There were ten chairs facing each other. The food served on the dining table was varied and plentiful. Everything was luxurious and delicious.Aldrich came and joined them. "Good morning," he greeted Berthan and Claire kindly."Morning," Berthan replied. He raised his right hand, inviting Aldrich to sit on one of the empty dining table chairs."Ow, who is this coming? As far as I know, Rhodes' butler always wakes up earlier than us." Charlotte quipped at Aldrich for waking up late.Claire, Berthan's wife rolled her eyes. "What a life you've had? Born a poor man, suddenly transformed into a prince in a ri
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Chapter 4
That morning at Ledger's residence, a van arrived to deliver the wedding dress order. Three people from a fashion store owned by a famous designer. The waiter invited the three people into the house with a full body mannequin wearing a long white wedding dress. One of them carried the tail end of the dress. The maid asked them to wait in the living room, then went over to Charlotte who was reading a magazine in the living room. "Excuse me, Miss. There's a dress shop attendant delivering an order for a wedding dress for you." Charlotte frowned. A wedding dress, of course she thought it was from Jake since their wedding day was just around the corner. Charlotte hurried to where the people from the fashion store were waiting. Charlotte rose from the chair and stared at the wedding dress in amazement. "Oh, my goodness. I can't believe this dress is in front of me. It's the fancy dress I've been dreaming of for so long." A white dress with a low cleavage, filled with medium-sized Swaro
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Chapter 5
All of the Ledger family was preparing for dinner in the night room. The servants were busy arranging the tableware and various types of food on the table.Charlotte squealed with delight at the sound of a car engine pulling up in the yard. She ran to the door as the maid opened it to reveal Jake coming into the house.Charlotte clung to Jake's arm. "Thank you for the wedding dress. It's so luxurious and beautiful. I really like it.""I'm glad you like it." Jake didn't care who sent the expensive wedding dress.Jake had come to Ledger's house on purpose just to make an appearance, after getting a thank you message from Charlotte earlier in the day about the wedding dress. Charlotte also included a photo of herself wearing the dress.Claire smiled kindly. "You're such a nice guy. You know which dress is suitable for my daughter."Jake grinned at Claire's compliment, proud of himself. He acted like he was the greatest son-in-law in the house. "Yes, my taste is high. I can buy anything.
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Chapter 6
There was a large picture frame made of pure gold in the shape of the emblem of the luxury hotel. Crystal chandeliers covered with 18-carat gems glittered on the hotel ballroom's ceiling."Gosh, you still haven't given up? What did you come into this hotel for? This is no place for a lowlife like you!" Jake scrunched his waist in annoyance. He should have violently kicked Aldrich out so the man could not walk in here.Charlotte shook her head. She tilted her head. "You just look like a waiter. Even the hotel maids here are better than you. Do you really want to make extra money being a janitor here?"Aldrich chuckled. "No, I'm not. I'm going to rent this hotel for my wedding."Jake and Charlotte burst out laughing. "Are you fucking kidding me? Hey, wake up, don't fantasize so much. This isn't fairyland!"Charlotte had to hold her sore stomach because she was laughing too much. "Uncle Jake is the manager here. Albert Hallfredsson. He's in full control of the hotel, and we'll get some a
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Chapter 7
The next day, Aldrich met up with Jake and Charlotte again at home. They still couldn't accept what happened yesterday, being kicked out and humiliated because of Aldrich. Both of them looked at Aldrich contemptuously. Aldrich wanted to ignore them, so he walked past Jake and Charlotte.Jake remembered his uncle's words that scolded him and made him upset. As if he couldn't bear to let Aldrich get away with it, he deliberately blocked Aldrich's footsteps to stir up trouble. "You work at Kingdom? They have lousy standards, hiring you as a servant there. Shame on you!"Charlotte's eyes squinted at Aldrich's appearance. "You're such a pathetic person. Look at your appearance. Not even better than the servants in this house. Selena will surely live in hardship with you not having a job. You'll only be a burden to her. You're useless!"Charlotte grinned. She raised her hand up, then pointed at herself. "You just take it easy. This kind-hearted me will talk to my father to make you a servan
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Chapter 8
The blood flow in Aldrich's body suddenly boiled. His breath rumbled with anger. He was shocked, not accepting the insolent words of the man in there.Aldrich was about to open the door to the room but failed to do so when she saw Selena rise from the chair, looking angry at the man inside. Selena's eyes flashed sharply. "Please watch your language, sir. I'm not that kind of woman!""Judging from your family profile documents, you are not the daughter of the mistress of that family. You're just an illegitimate child. Your mother must be a cheap woman who sleeps with anyone." The tone of the man in the room, who was the company manager, made Aldrich's eyes widen even more.Aldrich saw clearly who the man talking in there was when the man began to dare to approach Selena with a condescending look. Aldrich's jaw hardened. He clenched his hands into fists, not accepting what the well-dressed man inside had said. It made the blood in Aldrich's body boil.A moment later, the unexpected happ
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Chapter 9
Selena looked panicked and confused. In the room, there was only her and Aldrich. The atmosphere created between them became awkward. Selena was still in shock from what had just happened. Everything just happened so quickly in front of her eyes, and it shocked her to the point of not knowing what to say.Selena looked at Aldrich, who looked calm and seemed normal, not surprised like her. "Why did you come here? I could be in danger. I definitely won't be accepted to work together here."Selena wondered if Aldrich had deliberately followed her all the way here, so she could suddenly come and enter this room. She thought the incident would affect the company's judgment to accept her application. She really needed investors to make her business bigger and better. It would be good for her to prove her worth to others.Aldrich smiled. He had a calm look on his face. "Don't be afraid. You have the ability; you will definitely get what you want, Selena."Selena rubbed her face roughly. She
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Chapter 10
Selena frowned. It was strange to have a coincidence like this. However, she didn't think much of it. Selena and Aldrich left the company. They walked together on the sidewalk of the street.The wind blew gently against them. Selena felt relieved because she had solved one problem in her life.Selena looked at Aldrich, who was walking hand in hand beside her, then let out a sigh of relief. "Today, I'm very lucky. I've never felt like this. It feels impossible; everything went smoothly without any significant problems. I'm really happy."Aldrich smiled happily at that. He glanced at the watch, which happened to be lunchtime. "Then, let's have lunch together to celebrate."Coincidentally, they stopped right in front of a restaurant. Aldrich knew it was a fancy restaurant, as the way the people were dressed inside could be seen through the window glass. They were dressed nicely.Aldrich nodded her head. Without even hearing a reply from Selena, Aldrich grabbed the woman's wrist and led h
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