Chapter 2620 The First Step

Melissa visits Rodrigo and Nadia’s apartment. Nadia was working. Rodrigo, wearing sweatpants and a gray tank top, comes from the kitchen with two cups of coffee.

The way the sweatpants and tank top were crooked made Melissa suspect that Rodrigo was missing those pieces and hurriedly put them on, “Did I wake you up, Rodrigo?”

“It’s time to wake up.” Rodrigo responds mysteriously, “How can I help you, Melissa?”

“Well, Rod, you know that Josias is going to get involved with Cardozo Perfumes, you know?” Melissa takes her cup.

“I heard something about it.” Rodrigo sips his coffee.

“Well, Josias and Mrs. Cardozo finally talked and he authorized me to put the action plan into practice. You are being invited to be our model for men’s perfumes, what do you think?”

Rodrigo smiles gently, “I think that’s wonderful, Melissa. I just wanted a recommendation.”

“Yes?” Melissa stays alert.

“I had a little talk with my Dad.” Rodrigo explains to her, “And he brought to my attention the fact that I’ll be
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